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What A Day! – Special Edition, Washington, D.C.

In Hebrew School I learned a song which ended with a shout of Azza Yom! (Pronounced with the long “a” sound. Translation: What a day! Of course the Lord ordered our steps. We spent most of the day in the...

Special Edition, Washington, D.C. – Prayer with Dutch Sheets

Prayed last night on the Supreme Courts Steps with Dutch Sheets, Shelli, Hannah and 4 other people highly connected in D.C. and powerful pray-ers. The prayer was authoritative. Peace followed as we walked the street back to our centrally located...

Let’s Use Our God-Given Authority!

Tweeted early today: The Body is seated at the right hand of the Father in Christ our Head (Eph 1:17-2:6). From there we are to reign over the adversary (Ro 5:17). Let’s do it! Let’s use our God-given Authority of...

Urgent. I Know You Are Praying!!!

Driving to Oklahoma. URGENT. I KNOW YOU ARE PRAYING!!! Organized opposition can be stopped by our prayers and authority. I may be flying to Washington DC Monday evening. To take part in prayer for Senate vote. Appreciate your prayer about...

Maclaren Quote; Today’s Tweet

Shalom! Early this morning I sent out a tweet because it seemed to me I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to share it. The line I tweeted is from an Alexander Maclaren quote I copied in the note pages...

URGENT: WWP’s in the Carolinas & Virginia.

All WWP’s especially in the Carolinas & Virginia. Speak to Florence in the Name Above All Names. Tell her to GO BACK TO SEA. Rebuke the storm. In His Name you can do it!!!!!          

Kavanaugh Hearings

Sent the following “tweet” yesterday. PRAY: May God the Judge of All give us judges that will “do right.” (Gen. 18:25; Heb. 12:23.) And Senators who will “do right.” Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Tues-Friday. Cover in prayer. Expanding herein these are...

The Glory

Last week my son, Chip, called me. “Mom,” he exclaimed, “you were ahead of your time!” Then, excitedly, he went on to tell me the Lord was dealing with him to study on “The Glory.” He said, “I’m going to...

Wealth Transfer

As promised in my tweet this morning, here are my notes from Wednesday Noon Prayer 8/22/18. The occasion for what proved to be a powerful session, was that I knew of some huge sums of moneys legally due certain believers...

Jim Bakker Delay, Third Sunday, Isaac and Mr. Shalom

Shalom! Need to advise you that Jim Bakker Ministries had some video computer problems. So—the program I am guest on will not be aired today. But we have been advised three segments will air tomorrow, Friday, August 17, and Monday...

Recording with Jim Bakker

Yesterday a group of us drove out to Jim Bakker’s Morningside in Blue Eye, MO where I was invited to record a program to be aired Friday, August 17 & Monday, August 20. I am thankful for this opportunity to...

Travel Updates

Someone leaned over to me at KCM SouthWest Believer’s Convention in Ft Worth last week and asked, “How many church services have you been in during your life?” I said, “How about in the past few weeks!” Since mid-July my...