Migdal Arbel

Migdal Arbel Prayer and Study Center

MIGDAL (Greek: Magdala) ISRAEL

Miraculously the Lord has brought us into ownership (without debt) of a 3-acre piece of Land on the hillside above the Kinneret (Lake of Galilee).

It's been a rocky road, but now we have only one more step.

When it is ready, the busses can come by where I am. Rooms for two-bus loads of students can stay at the facility for short terms. I will reside there from 4-5 months yearly and people can come by where I am.
Much easier for me.

Another thing the Lord stresses is keeping seasoned pray-ers at the facility. Minimum of five. Prayer going up for Israel continually from our strategic location in the North.


The Construction Plans

I am headed to Israel Wednesday, May 29. Will take part in Annual Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast. Then will have business meeting with Migdal-Construction Team on June 10.

Please pray with and for us!!!!!!

Attached to this blog are pictures of our plans.

They were given to me by the Spirit and I drew them out on a napkin when I presented them to Rani Levy.
I think they are beautiful.

They are a big change from original plans. But this is what we are to build.