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Choose Life for Israel

Shalom from Israel! I so wanted to share this with you. A journalist who speaks the truth. The real truth. It is worth your time.        

Remembrance Day Ends, Independence Day Begins

State of many young Jews in the West in Microcosm Yesterday we went to the shopping area of Ein Bokek. As we sat at a table outside the mini-market we heard a clean-cut young man about 17 or 18 years...

A Day of Remembrance. A Day of Celebration.

Billye Brim Blog Sunday Evening May 12, 2024   I just came back inside my room. I had stepped outside on this balmy desert evening a few minutes before 8 PM. I knew that a one-minute siren would sound throughout...

Very Early Shabbat Morning

Billye Brim Blog Very Early Shabbat Morning May 11, 2024   3:50 AM I was wide awake. That’s how it goes—at first. Glad to see my kumkum (קוּמְקוּם). Every hotel room in the Land has one. A super-fast-heating electric kettle....

Purim Blessings from Migdal Arbel

Dear Partners: Just got these from Migdal Arbel, sent with Purim Blessings. First, THANK YOU, FATHER!!!!! Next, THANK YOU, PARTNERS!!!!!             Shalom, Shalom!        
Uncle Joe's Cabin at Prayer Mountain

Cabin Ministry

Billye Brim Blog March 19, 2024 Parsonage We work with a group called Pastoral Care who minister to pastors, ministers and their families. From time to time, they send ministers who need a little Holy Spirit R & R to stay...
Migdal Arbel Back 1920x1080

The Work Continues

Shalom Partners!!! The work continues!!!!! A miracle for sure. The building pictured here is in the lower center of the artist's rendition above.         Received this last week and wanted to share with you all. Thank...
Dr. Brim standing on a balcony in Building 2. In the background you can see the Arbel Mountain and the Sea of Galilee.

Migdal Arbel: Rising Out of the Ground

In the picture above, I am standing on a balcony in Building 2. In the background you can see Mount Arbel and the Sea of Galilee. I was in Israel in December. I had planned to take a tour and...
Billye Brim with Albert Veksler at the recording of his "Answers for Allies" program

New Year’s Day – Jerusalem, Israel

This blog is for me. Remember, I said the blogs would serve as my journal. So I feel free to express my personal feelings. My emotions are very much mixed today. I miss my family, colleagues, and friends. (We left...
ty-1920x1080 Mt Gerazim - Mt Ebal - Shechem - Wikimedia Commons jpg


Pictured above: Mt. Gerizim (left) and Mt. Ebal (right). In the valley between the mountains lies the city of Shechem (modern-day Nablus). CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons. The Lord used two mountains to drive home to the Jews the...
1920x1080 Solidarity 2023 - Nir Family Shabbat

Shabbat in Jerusalem

Family I am writing this Friday afternoon here in Jerusalem where most are preparing for a family dinner tonight after Shabbat has officially come in. Shelli and I are invited to the home of Nir, our Migdal Arbel project head. ...
Standing in front of the entrance to the Knesset building.

The Knesset

Albert Veksler, Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, arranged a meeting with Knesset member Tatiana Mazarsky. She was born in Russia, and after graduating from high school in the USSR, she made Aliyah. Here in the Land, her accomplishments brought her to the...