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Jerusalem – Special Edition, Israel

A Night to Honor Pastor John Hagee’s 60th Anniversary in Ministry. One of the greatest honors of my life is to be associated with Pastor John Hagee and Diana. And tonight I felt so honored to be present when Jews...

A Tribute to Robert O. Naegele, Jr – Special Edition, Israel

A Tribute to Robert O. Naegele, Jr. (His earth’s sojourn: 11/23/1939 – 11/7/2018) A Passionate Believer, A Patriotic American, A Lover of Israel, And a truly dedicated lover of his wife, Ellis, their children and grandchildren, and all his family....

Shootings – Special Edition, Israel

About two o’clock this afternoon, I came down from the Solarium on the roof of my hotel where I’d been soaking in the—if not miraculous, certainly God-given—benefits of lying in the sun for my skin here at the lowest place...

Yam HaMelach (The Dead Sea) – Special Edition, Israel

I looked at my cell phone to see the time and as I begin to write it is 4:44 P.M. About half an hour ago a beautiful rainbow appeared. As I look out my mirpeset (balcony) the end that can...

Join Us.

A few thousand from US and around the world gather in Branson tonite thru Monday to pray and praise. Join us online at 7 (Click Here). Beginning with witness of what we saw in DC. And how we can work...

The Procedural Vote – Special Edition, Washington, D.C.

The Procedural Vote Four of us left our hotel at 8 AM Friday morning and arrived early at the private entry door where we waited until 9 to get in. Our special passes were issued by high-ranking Senators. Two of...

What A Day! – Special Edition, Washington, D.C.

In Hebrew School I learned a song which ended with a shout of Azza Yom! (Pronounced with the long “a” sound. Translation: What a day! Of course the Lord ordered our steps. We spent most of the day in the...

Special Edition, Washington, D.C. – Prayer with Dutch Sheets

Prayed last night on the Supreme Courts Steps with Dutch Sheets, Shelli, Hannah and 4 other people highly connected in D.C. and powerful pray-ers. The prayer was authoritative. Peace followed as we walked the street back to our centrally located...

Let’s Use Our God-Given Authority!

Tweeted early today: The Body is seated at the right hand of the Father in Christ our Head (Eph 1:17-2:6). From there we are to reign over the adversary (Ro 5:17). Let’s do it! Let’s use our God-given Authority of...

Urgent. I Know You Are Praying!!!

Driving to Oklahoma. URGENT. I KNOW YOU ARE PRAYING!!! Organized opposition can be stopped by our prayers and authority. I may be flying to Washington DC Monday evening. To take part in prayer for Senate vote. Appreciate your prayer about...

Maclaren Quote; Today’s Tweet

Shalom! Early this morning I sent out a tweet because it seemed to me I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to share it. The line I tweeted is from an Alexander Maclaren quote I copied in the note pages...

URGENT: WWP’s in the Carolinas & Virginia.

All WWP’s especially in the Carolinas & Virginia. Speak to Florence in the Name Above All Names. Tell her to GO BACK TO SEA. Rebuke the storm. In His Name you can do it!!!!!