Two Anniversaries to the Glory of God

Shelli and I are just back from The President’s home at Mar-a-Largo (he wasn’t there).

This oh-so-uniquely-beautiful place was made available to APIP (American Pro-Israel Pac) for a dinner event to celebrate the one-year-anniversary of the opening of The United States Embassy in Jerusalem!

How thankful my heart is that our President Donald John Trump made this historic move—which many presidents promised, but failed to fulfill their promises. And this most important move of our embassy is only one of many “blessing Israel” moves President Trump has made which—according to Genesis 12:3—bring blessings to America. Thank God. And thank you for praying for him FIRST OF ALL (click here to view FOA link)…….

When I get to be in such a place and for such an occasion, my mind always goes back to how my life changed while I was peeling potatoes at my kitchen sink at 624 S. 13th in Collinsville, Oklahoma. I literally have to pinch myself.

Jews and Christians met together for an all-day celebration which began at Temple Beth El in West Palm Beach, Florida.  What a day! We heard from Christian ministers and amazing Jewish Rabbis. I was particularly moved by Rabbi Leonid Feldman’s testimony. He was born and grew up in Soviet Russia. I wish all high school and university students—not to mention all voters—could hear him reveal what a socialist system is really like. Through a miraculous journey, the Lord has led him out of his brain-washed youth to freedom and the spiritual leadership of Temple Beth El. (It was my honor to be invited to share there. A photo is attached.)

On our commercial flights home, Shelli and I rehearsed various statements made by nationally syndicated radio talk show host Dennis Prager. (I’d heard him several times at CUFI. And looked forward to the two times he spoke for this event.) His thought-provoking statements cause one to think deeply and soberly, and to laugh at the same time. You might want to view one of his 5-minute educational videos on his internet-based Prager University.


The Tenth Anniversary of Tony Krukow’s Healing Miracle will be celebrated Sunday, May 19 at Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks at Three in the afternoon.

Tony and Brenda Krukow will conduct our Third Sunday Healing and Miracle Service (click here to view event page) by sharing his miraculous healing and featuring testimonies of others’ healings.

Tony called me a couple of weeks ago and told me this was on his heart. I know the Lord put it there. So I know the Lord will meet Tony’s faith and obedience, and your faith as well, to do wonderful things.

I will be there. And I trust you will too.  Please join us out at Prayer Mountain if you can.  And if not, the service will be streamed live.
Either way, come expecting healing miracles!!!!!!!


Shalom, Shalom


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