Following the Ark

Today, we literally followed the path of the Ark of the Covenant from its capture to its return to the Israelites at Bet Shemesh. Even Guy, our friend and guide had not done this.We began at a brand new Israeli National Park at the ancient battle site where the Ark was lost. We were at Ebenezer where Israel camped. Of course, we could see where the winning Philistines were at Aphak. After Israel was badly beaten, the two sons of the High Priest Eli ran back to Shiloh and took the Ark into the battle. [See 1 Samuel 4.] Israel lost the battle and the Ark.

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Passover, Easter, Ramadan

It is a quiet desert night. The almost full moon is brightly shining. I am sitting on my mirpesit (balcony) looking across the Salt Sea at the Mountains of Moab.
The dark mountains are sprinkled with twinkling lights revealing widespread towns. Also, the Jordan side of the Salt Sea has hotels right next to the shore just as the Israeli side does. The hotel lights are brighter than the village lights.

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Tel Aviv Terrorist Attack

If you did not receive by email or text my call for urgent prayer last night at about 11 pm Israel time and 3 pm CST at home, it means you are not on our emergency prayer alert list. Please see how to be on the list on our web page. Our prayers avail much in the economy of God. I contacted our office to ask them to get out the urgent prayer request as a terrorist was shooting at that very time in Tel Aviv. Today we know that two young Israeli men were shot dead—a 27-year-old and a 28-year-old. They were lifelong friends from the same town. One was engaged to be married soon. Another headline read, “Instead of a Wedding, a Funeral.”

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I seemed to have been stumped as to the subject for our next in classroom teaching for 3BI scheduled for June(registration not yet open, more information to follow).  But then when I prayed one weekend here, it came to me in a flash. WATCHING THE FIG TREE FOR SIGNS OF THE TIMES:  “The Scattering and The Ingathering.”

All around me is evidence of “The Ingathering.”  People. Jews the Lord has brought home in fulfilling His ancient promise. 

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Yam HaMelach (Salt Sea)


Yesterday, my friend and board member, Lynne Hammond, Shelli and I travelled by van from here up through the Judaen desert to Jerusalem.

Of course, I cannot pass the spot of En Gedi without thinking that in the Millennium En Gedi will be a hot fishing spot. And that waters from the Temple will flow down to what is known as the Dead Sea bringing these waters to life (Ezekiel 47:1-12).

The office of Nir Kimchi, our new and very able Project Manager, in Jerusalem was our destination.

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What in the World is Happening?

This is for those of you who may be wondering what I see in the events in the Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Syria, Iran, China, i.e. the more ancient world ⎯ actually the nations we are to watch according to Jesus. (Luke 21:29).

Just last Friday, I finished teaching the oh-so-prophetic Book of Zechariah for a 3BI course. Everyone who sat in the class sensed we were studying prophecies given more than 2400 years ago take place in our own time. And before our very eyes.

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Israel’s Borders – CUFI Summit

The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) have prepared a briefing and a video military tour of Israel’s borders for the CUFI (Christians United For Israel) Summit.
They did this especially for John Hagee and the Christians of CUFI to show their appreciation for us. This was no little undertaking and we are so privileged to see such a thing.
What a unique way to obey Jesus and “watch the fig tree.”

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Israel’s Borders; Gaza, The Golan, Syria, Trump Heights & More

Israel’s BordersGazaWe drove north from Beer Sheva to the Elah Valley, site of David’s victory over Goliath. The place of the confrontation has been purposely kept in its natural state. Most of us gathered 5 smooth stones from the brook to take home. Chip easily got into the telling the account of probably his favorite O.T. hero. We looked up at the hills where the opposing armies encamped. Then, some of the group saw lights flash in the sky. It was the Iron Dome defense system taking out rockets being launched from Gaza just a few miles to the West.

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