Zechariah: A Prophetic Voice for Today

Shalom and welcome to the end of the End of days!!!Signs of the times are all around.The Good News: Jesus is coming soon!Russia has amassed troops and weapons on the Ukrainian border.U.S. and NATO nations responding at the ready.Middle Eastern countries on high alert.Could this lead to the Ezekiel 38, 39 war?Even now we are preparing a mini-book on that subject.

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The Power of Praying in Tongues

The Lord has emphasized to me, and I have been emphasizing in the platforms He has given us THE POWER OF PRAYING IN TONGUES.

As you know if you have been taking part in our prayer calls, or noon live-streamed prayer meeting, others have heard us in the languages of Arabic and German and have told us what we said. (I believe this is to demonstrate and encourage our faith in praying in tongues.)

So—I was not surprised when an old partner letter, January 2008, “just happened” to come to my daughter Brenda’s attention. It told of a dream I’d had in December 2007. The following is an excerpt from the partner letter.

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Year of Transition | Billye Brim, Larry Ollison, Len Mink | 09-19-19

2020 will be a year of transition. And it will begin with the beginning of the years I see it on Rosh Hashanah. That year will be a year that’s transition on to 2021. In 2021, all things will have begun. Begun to end, begun to change, to move, to rearrange. Now this year I must have you! I must have My body, the Church, in that fellowship I just sang about – unbroken fellowship!

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Shall See,Be,Know | Billye Brim | 12-14-12

Yea, and it shall be that you shall see and you shall know,And you shall be, and you shall gointo the heavens and into the depths of the earth.I will use you for I did choose you.And you are the purpose of My plan;you incarnate before Me now do stand;and even sit at my right hand.And these things are being revealed to you;for they are too much for your head to understand.But even in your mind you’ll see more and moreand know who you are and that I am at the doorof your heart willing to impart to you as we sup togethergreat and glorious and wondrous things to come.And you shall see in your very own nationwhat it means

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On the McCloud River

Sitting here in Northern California near Mount Shasta. The gorgeous McCloud River is rushing by just under the porch where I sit. Such a beautiful sound! A friend’s family bought this land years ago, and she invited me to come here for a week to rest and prepare for next week’s Autumn Assembly of Prayer.

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Travel Update

Re Rosh HaShanah. Last Thursday at Walk on the Water Faith Church, Drs Larry and Loretta Ollison, pastors, I gave a word of the Lord that has my spirit seeking its meaning.

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