Through Billye Brim, Larry Ollison, Len Mink



Len Mink: [Sung] [Tongues]For it’s not going out and then coming back in but it’s staying in My presence. It’s not leaving Me for a while then coming back to spend some time but now you’ll stay in My presence. We’ll have unbroken fellowship. We’ll have uninterrupted courtship.

We’ll have uninterrupted communication. All you’ll fly from here to every nation in your prayers. I’ll send you by My Spirit here. I’ll send you by My Spirit there. Unbroken in the fellowship we will be nothing will compare. So be ready for My instant, instant, instant download. Be ready for My instant, instant, instant info, for I will encode you and download you with magnificent revelations. You’ll walk into a single place and all of a sudden you’ll see nations and the nations you’ll know. How to pray so they’ll go in the way that I want them to go and I’ll use you [Tongues] I’ll use you to pass through. To do the things that I want to do in individual lives and in the nations. So be ready! So be ready!! Take the gifts off the shelf! Please get over yourself! And be ready!”


Billye Brim:  2020 will be a year of transition. And it will begin with the beginning of the years I see it on Rosh Hashanah. That year will be a year that’s transition on to 2021. In 2021, all things will have begun. Begun to end, begun to change, to move, to rearrange. Now this year I must have you! I must have My body, the Church, in that fellowship I just sang about – unbroken fellowship!  So prepare for it to begin – the transition year in 2020. I’ll provide all you need to fulfill My will. Work with Me in fellowship, in prayer. For yourself, yes, but beyond yourself. And know that it will start, the transition year, on Rosh Hashanah. And 2021, Rosh Hashanah, is a BIG change! Hallelujah.


Dr. Larry Ollison:  And I am preparing to fold up this dispensation – to bring to a close the things that I prophesied, to bring to vision the things that have been unseen, and to bring GLORY!