Shall See,Be,Know | Billye Brim | 12-14-12

Shall See, Be, Know…

Through Billye Brim

Media Referenced: Noon Prayer May 06, 2020


Yea, and it shall be that you shall see and you shall know,
And you shall be, and you shall go
into the heavens and into the depths of the earth.
I will use you for I did choose you.
And you are the purpose of My plan;
you incarnate before Me now do stand;
and even sit at my right hand.
And these things are being revealed to you;
for they are too much for your head to understand.
But even in your mind you’ll see more and more
and know who you are and that I am at the door
of your heart willing to impart to you as we sup together
great and glorious and wondrous things to come.
And you shall see in your very own nation
what it means
when the incarnation, the church the body of the Living Head
takes her place and instead
of those who know not my plan,
you will bring into being one who is the son of my right hand.
And I will show you; I will show you.
It won’t be of great length, but there will be a time when the head of this nation knows the plans that are mine.
Stand in faith and believe to see what I the Lord have implanted in thee
to my glory.

Look not around you and give voice to the darkness that is there.
O it is there; that is true.
But in that darkness I shine a great light;
the Light of My Countenance.
Walk in that light.
Learn to see, speak, hear and obey in another place above the fray.
Keep your mind on things above
and know that things will move according to the plan of the God of Love.
You’ll say things you didn’t intend to say;
You will intend to make a statement and it will come out another way.
That is because you have given Me your vessel to occupy
and your tongue to say what I want said,
and it will be something completely apart from your head.
There are points in time of the plan.
Though I’m eternal, points in time matter to man.
And there came in the fullness of the times the Incarnate Babe.
But now there is another marker;
there is another time
and you are going into it now and things are changing.
And I am the how of rearranging everything
for My purpose and My plan shall not be abated or aborted, but it shall stand.
Yes, you’ve grown and you know it too. That is My plan for you.
You’ve been faithful to pray and to do.
You have no idea how many things were avoided because you prayed;
because you stayed together.
And I’ll use you more;
You have come through another door;

Brim note 5-7-20: This came before President Trump elected in 2020. “Accidentally found while preparing for Noon Prayer 5-6-20. See Archives. A very heavy anointing on me as I taught with prophetic anointing a message for pray-ers re “not giving voice to darkness.”





  1. Susanna Lorg on May 13, 2020 at 12:37 pm

    Praise the Lord! He had also been telling me this the past few months to focus on the answer and the victory and not what the enemy was doing.

    Thank you for the wonderful teaching last week… very anointed and timely!

  2. Lisa on May 20, 2020 at 8:39 am

    Thank you Billye for posting this word for us all. It is so powerful and so important for “Such a time as this”. God bless you all! Always praying for you and your family and ministry.

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