Minneapolis-St Paul Area & “The Soul of This Nation”

On our Wednesday 8 AM Prayer Call, someone from Minneapolis urgently asked us to pray about the tragedy that occurred Monday May 25th. A video recorded the senseless choking to death of George Floyd by one policeman while others stood by doing nothing to stop it.I immediately thought of a word from the Lord that I’d received about God’s plan for the area. I said to the prayer call participants, “I’ll see if I can locate it, and I’ll post it later.” But without even getting up from my prayer chair, I looked into a woven basket at my feet. It contains Bibles and things I’m studying along with a couple of small note books to write prayer notes or things I receive from the Lord. There it was!

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The National Day of Prayer

On this National Day of Prayer, let us lift our voices across this blessed land that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory would pour out upon us another Great Awakening!

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Hannah-Lynne Call

Then I spent telephone time with Lynne Hammond. Always a joy! And, by the way, my granddaughter, Hannah, asked me if she could use our 8am Wednesday Prayer Call number to have a Q & A call with Lynne. Hannah collected some questions from some of her younger praying friends. Lynne very comfortably, and highly anointed answered them. It was so good, I got in on the call at the end.

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3BI, Billye Brim Bible Institute

A strong childhood desire of mine was to be a teacher. Another was to be a preacher. The Head of the Church, our Lord Jesus Christ, must have planted those in my heart, for He united them in the living out my life in His service.In every session that we videoed to become 3BI classes, I sensed the thrill of a fulfillment of my God-given childhood dreams. There has been a wonderful anointing to teach and share the witness and revelation He has given. And there is proof it is reaching on-line students. Here are some testimonies:

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Yesterday I texted the following to many pastors and leaders in the Body of Christ:

I’d like to share a challenge Pat Robertson issued one day this week on The 700 Club. He appeared to be livid. You could almost imagine smoke coming out his ears. He exclaimed how can this inert little bug hold such sway when we are the Church of the Living God. The Body of Christ, which has been given dominion. He dramatically challenged pastors over the nation to have their congregations take authority over the coronavirus this Resurrection Sunday.

I believe if pastors and congregations will take Pat’s challenge and join together we can take that virus down in a precipitous decline. One that will demonstrate something supernatural happened.

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Take Your Authority

Pat Robertson made an impassioned plea today on 700 Club for Pastors and all believers next Sunday, Resurrection Sunday to take their authority over the Corona Virus and stop it in its tracks. How can this inert little bug, he said, stand in the face of the Body of Christ which has God-given authority over it. …We are posting a video of me leading the congregation of the Autumn Assembly of Prayer in praying and taking authority. Play the video and join me in this powerfully anointed prayer from Ephesians.

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