Yesterday I texted the following to many pastors and leaders in the Body of Christ:

I’d like to share a challenge Pat Robertson issued one day this week on The 700 Club. He appeared to be livid. You could almost imagine smoke coming out his ears. He exclaimed how can this inert little bug hold such sway when we are the Church of the Living God. The Body of Christ, which has been given dominion. He dramatically challenged pastors over the nation to have their congregations take authority over the coronavirus this Resurrection Sunday.

I believe if pastors and congregations will take Pat’s challenge and join together we can take that virus down in a precipitous decline. One that will demonstrate something supernatural happened.

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Take Your Authority

Pat Robertson made an impassioned plea today on 700 Club for Pastors and all believers next Sunday, Resurrection Sunday to take their authority over the Corona Virus and stop it in its tracks. How can this inert little bug, he said, stand in the face of the Body of Christ which has God-given authority over it. …We are posting a video of me leading the congregation of the Autumn Assembly of Prayer in praying and taking authority. Play the video and join me in this powerfully anointed prayer from Ephesians.

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This video will bring you a smile. And perhaps a bit of “wonder” too.While I was in Israel, Jared and Rivka, my grandson and his wife, housesat for me. One day, on their son’s first birthday, Rivka (Rebekah) noticed Nathan was very active about something. She quietly picked up her phone and videoed it. You will see when Nathan noticed her and said “Hi.”He is on my bed pointing up to Akiane’s portrait of Jesus and saying “God.”Then he looks over to my “Prayer Chair” which faces the foot of my bed and looks out over the Lake. He points to my “Prayer Chair” and says again, “God.”

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THE LORD SEES And Provides

Recently, I heard more than one minister refer to the following and point out that God sees and has already provided alluding to the current Corona crisis. Brother Keith Moore smiled as he shared how he’d thought about where that ram was a day or two before. As Abraham and Isaac were making their way to Mount Moriah (site of the future Temple) that ram was making his way to the thicket. God had already provided.

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Awakening & Good News

I’ve had two impacting phone calls in the past two days. The first one this morning was from my son, Chip. He preached me what the Lord downloaded into him after he woke up one morning actually feeling the despair and hopelessness people, especially those who don’t know or act on God’s Word, are experiencing in the wake of all the bad news they are hearing. He walked outside, began to praise and thank God for everything he saw. And the Lord literally downloaded into him a message and a plan to help people. And it is GOOD NEWS!

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