This video will bring you a smile. And perhaps a bit of “wonder” too.

While I was in Israel, Jared and Rivka, my grandson and his wife, housesat for me.

One day, on their son’s first birthday, Rivka (Rebekah) noticed Nathan was very active about something. She quietly picked up her phone and videoed it. You will see when Nathan noticed her and said “Hi.”

He is on my bed pointing up to Akiane’s portrait of Jesus and saying “God.”
Then he looks over to my “Prayer Chair” which faces the foot of my bed and looks out over the Lake. He points to my “Prayer Chair” and says again, “God.” (watch below)


Back and forth. His great Aunt Shelli said it was like he was playing “The Match Game.”

No one had ever pointed to a picture of Jesus and said “God” to him.

Could it have been he was seeing a manifestation of Jesus over my “Prayer Chair.”

No one can say for sure, but at the least seeing this will bring a smile to your face.

And that’s a Good Thing!!!!!

Shalom and Blessings
Billye Brim




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