What in the World is Happening?

This is for those of you who may be wondering what I see in the events in the Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Syria, Iran, China, i.e. the more ancient world ⎯ actually the nations we are to watch according to Jesus. (Luke 21:29).

Just last Friday, I finished teaching the oh-so-prophetic Book of Zechariah for a 3BI course. Everyone who sat in the class sensed we were studying prophecies given more than 2400 years ago take place in our own time. And before our very eyes.

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East Wind

Been back from Israel one week tomorrow midnight. I just woke up from an afternoon nap (Even though I’m sleeping nights, I still get a little sleepy in the afternoon.)

I went to the computer to check the Jerusalem Post and I read something that brought back memories-and fortified how different this administration is toward Israel than those of the past, republicans included.

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