Expect Supernatural Outpourings of the Holy Spirit!

Yesterday I gave attention all day to the study of the Book of Ezekiel for my upcoming 3BI class. I knew Branden and Destanie had invited me to share on their monthly streamed live prayer meeting for the State of California that night and I hadn’t thought about what to share.  But just as soon as I stood up from the computer where I’d been working on the study guide, there came to my mind a supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Russia long ago that affected California. The entire United States of America. The world.  And eventually my life for I received the Holy Spirit baptism in 1967 during the Charismatic Movement.  I looked to see if I had the details recorded.  And I did!  I just read from my journals on the live prayer stream what I am copying below.

This is a report of the history of the supernatural. But I also believe we need to be reminded to expect and to pray for the Supernatural outpourings of the Holy Spirit And to believe them when they come!!!!!


The Latter Rain Outpouring

Part I

First Showers Fall in Russia

In an oversimplification of a complex subject, this is what I have seen as I have studied so-called church history.  It seems to me that people followed the doctrines of Jesus and the Apostles in a simple manner for some 100 years or so. Clearly, though, what Peter foretold happened; false teachers brought in damnable heresies (2 Peter 2:1).

Eventually, Satan, I believe, adopted the “If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em” attitude. In a way, Satan joined the church.

With what grew to be recognized as the church, there was a loss of truth and power. Though there always were believers who followed a simple Gospel, they became a minority and were terribly persecuted by the majority in authority.

The Bible, however, promises restitution of all things. After hundreds of years, the restoration of what the locust, the cankerworm, the caterpillar, and the palmerworm had destroyed in the church began to happen. First the truth of the way of salvation was restored: The just shall live by faith. A restoration of other biblical truths followed, including the truth of divine healing.

One prophesied restoration is biblically described as the latter rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit. (Acts Chapter 2 is the early rain outpouring.) As God began to restore the truth of the baptism with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, the first showers of the latter rain Pentecostal outpouring, that I have been able to trace, fell in Russia.


The Leaping Molokans

The Lord caused me to hear of those first showers of the latter rain in an unusual way.

In the 1980’s I preached several times for Pastor Ralph Wilkerson at Melodyland Christian Center in Los Angeles, California.

Something wonderful often happened in the worship services. When the Spirit moved upon him, a tall, dignified gentleman would move out from his seat into the aisle. With his long arms outstretched he would regally swoop with the motions and grace of an eagle down to the altar area of this circular church. As he so danced in the Spirit, a Presence of the Lord went out over the congregation.

I called him “The Flying Eagle.” And I would say to Brother Wilkerson, “I sure hope the eagle flies tonight.”

Once I even dared to walk over to the gentleman before services and I said that to him.

He promptly replied, “Well, he will only if the Spirit moves him.”
So, I slipped back to my seat and silently prayed, “Lord, please have the Spirit move him.” And He did!

Brother Wilkerson told me the man had an unusual story and asked if I would like to hear it. Of course, I was eager to know it. So Brother Wilkerson brought the gentlemen over to the place I was staying after the service.

He told me the story of his family in Russia.
For years his family had the job of cleaning the Orthodox Church buildings. Though Bibles were not available for common folks in the 18th and 19th Centuries, his family had access to the Holy Book when they were cleaning the church.

So they decided to read it. Within its script they could find almost nothing that matched the ritualistic worship of the church. And so they decided to practically follow the Book as closely as they could. For example, they could not find the practice of giving up milk for Lent as the Orthodox Church required. So, they began to drink milk during Lent. That’s how they got their name, the Molokans. Molokans in Russian means milk-drinkers.

Later, they found in the Bible where believers were filled with the Holy Spirit. When the Molokans received this experience, they began to leap and dance with joy. Thereafter, they were known as the Leaping Molokans, or the Holy Jumpers!


Holy Spirit Gifts Save Lives
Demos Shakarian’s Ancestors

The Molokans brought the news of this experience in the Holy Spirit and His gifts over the mountains to the Armenians dwelling in the foothills of Mount Ararat where Noah’s Ark came to rest. Demos Shakarian, founder of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, tells the supernatural story in his book, The Happiest People on Earth ¹ (click here to view book). Let’s read it in Demos’ own words:

…Grandfather did not accept right away the strange message that had been trickling over the mountains for nearly fifty years. The message was brought by the Russians. Grandfather liked the Russians all right; he was just too levelheaded to accept their tales of miracles. The Russians came in long caravans…The Armenians had no difficulty understanding them as most of our people spoke Russian too. They listened to the tales of what the Russians called “the outpouring of the Holy Spirit” upon hundreds of thousands of Russian Orthodox Christians. The Russians came as people bringing gifts: the Gifts of the Spirit, which they wanted to share…

In 1900…the news arrived that a hundred Russian Christians were coming over the mountains in their covered wagons. Everyone was pleased. It was the custom in Kara Kala to hold a feast for the visiting Christians… In spite of the fact that he didn’t agree with the “full Gospel” preached by the Russians, Grandfather considered their visits as times set apart for God, and insisted that the welcoming feast be held…in front of his own home…

Grandfather was proud of his fine cattle. With the news that the Russians were on their way, he went out to his herd and looked them over. He would choose the very finest, fattest steer for this special meal.
Unfortunately…the fattest steer…turned out, on inspection, to have a flaw. The animal was blind in one eye.

What should he do? Grandfather knew his Bible well: He knew he should not offer an imperfect animal to the Lord. (Leviticus 22:20.)

What a dilemma! No other animal in the herd was large enough…Grandfather looked around. No one was watching. Suppose he slaughtered the steer and simply hid the blemished head? Yes, that was what he would do! Grandfather led the half-blind steer into the barn, butchered it himself, and quickly placed the head in a sack which he hid beneath a pile of threshed wheat in a dark corner.

Grandfather was just in time, for as he finished dressing the beef, he heard the rumble of wagons coming into Kara Kala…Coming down the dusty road was the familiar caravan of wagons…Beside the driver of the first team, erect and commanding as ever, sat the white-bearded patriarch who was leader and prophet of the group…

Soon the big steer was roasting on a spit…That evening everyone gathered, expectant and hungry, around the long plank tables. Before the meal could begin, however, the food must be blessed.

These Russian Christians would not say any prayer—even grace over meals—until they had received what they called the anointing.
They would wait before the Lord until, in their phrase, the Spirit fell upon them…When this occurred they would raise their arms and dance with joy.

On this occasion, as always, the Russians waited for the anointing of the Spirit. Sure enough…first one and then another began to dance in place…Soon would come the blessing of the food, and the feast could begin.

But to Grandfather’s dismay, the patriarch suddenly raised his hand—not in sign of blessing—but as a signal that everything was to stop. Giving Grandfather a strange penetrating look, the tall white-haired man walked from the table without a word.

…The prophet strode across the yard and into the barn. After a moment he reappeared. In his hand he held the sack which Grandfather had hidden beneath the pile of wheat…the patriarch placed the telltale sack before Grandfather and let it fall open, revealing to everyone the head with the milk-white eye.

“Have you anything to confess, Brother Demos?” the Russian asked.

“Yes, I have,” said Grandfather, shaking. “But how did you know?”
“God told me,” the old man said simply. “You still do not believe that He speaks to His people today as in the past. The Spirit gave me this word of knowledge for a special reason; that you and your family might believe. You have been resisting the power of the Spirit. Today is the day you will resist no longer.”

It was the beginning of great changes in our family’s life, and one of the first was a change in attitude toward Kara Kala’s most famous citizen. This person was known…as the “Boy Prophet” even though at the time of the incident with the steer’s head the Boy Prophet was 58 years old.

…Efim Gerasemovitch Klubniken…had a remarkable history. He was of Russian origin, his family being among the first Pentecostals to come across the border, settling permanently in Kara Kala. From earliest childhood Efim had shown a gift for prayer, frequently going on fasts, praying around the clock.

…Efim Gerasemovitch Klubniken…had a remarkable history. He was of Russian origin, his family being among the first Pentecostals to come across the border, settling permanently in Kara Kala. From earliest childhood Efim had shown a gift for prayer, frequently going on fasts, praying around the clock.

…What Efim was able to do during those 7 days was not so easy to explain.

Efim could neither read nor write. Yet, as he sat in the little stone cottage in Kara Kala, he saw before him a vision of charts and a message in a beautiful handwriting. Efim asked for pen and paper…for 7 days he laboriously copied down the form and shape of letters and diagrams that passed before his eyes.

When he had finished, the manuscript was taken to people in the village who could read… This illiterate child had written out in Russian characters a series of instructions and warnings. At some unspecified time in the future, the boy wrote, every Christian in Kara Kala would be in terrible danger. He foretold a time of unspeakable tragedy for the entire area, when hundreds of thousands…would be brutally murdered. The time would come…when everyone in the region must flee. They must go to a land across the sea…the Boy Prophet drew a map showing exactly where the fleeing Christians were to go. …The body of water depicted so accurately in the drawing was not the nearby Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, or even the Mediterranean, but the distant…Atlantic Ocean!… The map plainly indicated the east coast of the United States of America.

But the refugees were not to settle down there, the prophecy continued. They were to continue traveling until they reached the west coast of the new land. There, the boy wrote, God would bless them and prosper them, and cause their seed to be a blessing to the nations.

…A little after the turn of the century, Efim announced that the time was near for the fulfillment of the words he had written down nearly 50 years before. “We must flee to America. All who remain here will perish.”

The instructions proved correct. In 1914 a period of unimaginable horror arrived for Armenia.

[Beginning in 1914 Muslim Turks enacted genocide against Armenians and massacred at least 1.5 million. Every inhabitant of Kara Kala died.]

Those who had heeded the warning of the Boy Prophet and sought asylum in America heard the news with dismay. Grandfather Demos was among those who fled. After his experience with the Russian patriarch, Grandfather no longer discounted the validity of prophecy. In 1905 he sold the farm which had been in his family for generations… The family reached New York safely but, mindful of the prophecy, did not settle there. In accordance with the written instructions they kept traveling across the vast new land, until they reached Los Angeles…One day it happened that Grandfather and his brother-in-law…were walking down San Pedro Street in Los Angeles, looking for work in the livery stables. As they passed a side road called Azusa Street they stopped short. Along with the smell of horses and harness leather came the unmistakable sounds of people praising God in tongues. They had not known that anywhere in the United States were people who worshiped as they did…Grandfather and Magardich returned (home) with the news that Pentecost had come even to this distant land across the sea.

When Demos Shakarian’s grandparents received the baptism with the Holy Spirit and changed their attitudes toward the gifts of the Spirit it saved their lives—and ultimately the life of their grandson and the great work of FGBMFI and its effect on the Charismatic Outpouring of the Holy Spirit which changed the world.

As I read this on the streamed prayer meeting last night, it came to me how at the first of the 20th Century the Azusa Street outpouring sprang from California, and then in the 1960s and 1970s The Charismatic Movement sprang forth from California through Demos Shakarian. When we had our Secrets of Intercession in Los Angeles in 1983 we heard the Spirit say, “The Rain will fall first where it fell last. The fires will burn first where they burned last.” So I know Branden and Destanie Brim, and all the others who are praying for an outpouring in California and indeed in all the United States of America are doing so in the will of God. You can join them online at www.HisNameMinistries.com. (Click here to view event)

But also I want to point out, that we will be seeing much of the supernatural operation of the Gifts of the Spirit. In fact, we are seeing it now in our weekly prayer calls, and our Wednesday noon prayer.




¹Demos Shakarian, The Happiest People on Earth, Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, Int’l.



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