Champions 4 Christ Youth Rally!!!!!!!

Chip phoned me! He often does—and what a thrill it is to this mother’s heart that the son who was probably the most challenging in his youth is now a pastor who loves to discuss the Bible with me!!!

But that day, he was in a quandary. He’d gone out to preach at a church in another state and found they were not yet as free to meet, etc., as Oklahoma was. So—what to do about the C4C Rally in Branson. That was the question.

I advised him to do what Brother Kenneth E. Hagin taught:

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Champions 4 Christ Youth Rally

Because I strongly believe in God’s purpose and power for our younger generation, I strongly support and take part in something that happens every summer in Branson. A number of years ago, the Lord told my son, Chip, to start a youth rally in Branson, Missouri. This year, Champions 4 Christ Youth Rally is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

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Billye Brim Guest on Hannah’s program RAISE YOUR VOICE

Hannah and I are getting ready right now to record for her PTL Network televised broadcast RAISE YOUR VOICE. This program aimed at-but not exclusively for-the young generation is excellent. Her guests in the past have included Heidi Baker, Dutch Sheets, Miss Lana (from the Gospel Bill shows), Denise Renner, her brothers Jared and Branden, and others you may not know.

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