January 16, 2019 – Praying for America

Asking for the Spirit of Prayer; for the Awakening; The Glory.

January 16, 2019 – Noon Prayer Webcast

Host: Dr. Billye Brim


Dr. Gary Wood; “Spirit of Prayer,” Dr. Billye Brim. In 1966, after Brother Gary was killed for 61 minutes in a car accident and returned to tell the story (Heaven is a Place, by Dr. Gary Wood) the Lord told him, there would be three occurrences before He Returns: A Spirit of Prayer; A Spirit of Restoration; and an Outburst of Miracles. I believe, the time is now for the Spirit of prayer; bringing forth the outburst of miracles.

Asking for A Spirit of Prayer; Dr. Billye Brim: Can we ask for a spirit of prayer? Daniel did (9:3) and Ephesians 1:17 asks the Father “to give the spirit of wisdom & revelation….”

Understanding the Times; Asking for The Spirit of Prayer. We asked the Lord to pour out upon us individually & upon His Body, the Spirit of prayer.

United Corporate Prayer; Asking for A Spirit of Prayer.

Lynne Hammond Visitation; The Eclipse; Major Shift; Rabbi’s Input.

Wording from Dr. Billye Brim’s Blog, 1/25/2019.

I really hadn’t paid much attention to this eclipse. I had followed closely the eclipses that occurred on the Jewish moeds in 2015, but nothing had drawn my attention to this one. Until—I talked with Pastor Lynne Hammond the week before. She’d had a visitation of the Lord that lasted 3 hours. So many things came to her in the night vision. One of them was she saw the eclipse. Now she was just sure it had already occurred. She herself walked in a dimension in the vision. And she saw that with the eclipse a “shift” would occur for all of us. I could hardly convince her that the eclipse hadn’t happened yet.

So, after our talk, I went online to look at the particulars the scientific sources were saying about the eclipse. There I saw how uniquely spectacular the appearance of the moon would be. I know that eclipses are scientifically predictable for veritable eons. Many probably have no prophetic significance. Yet, it was the Creator who set their predictability. So I checked to see what the rabbis might be saying. Some I checked were saying it was a portent of the Gog-Magog war. Well, I can see three Gog-Magog wars in the Scripture, but I knew the one they were talking about was Ezekiel 38-39. Whether that is so or not, I have nothing from the Lord about. However, it was a bit, shall I say, interesting that while I was watching the time on my phone to go out and watch the eclipse (it was so cold, I didn’t want to go outside too early) a runner crossed the bottom of my screen that the IDF was bombing Damascus after a missile had appeared over the Israeli side of Mt Hermon. The Iron Dome took it out.For some time now the “players” in the Ezekiel 38 war have been positioning in the Middle East, especially in Syria. So… It’s Time for the Awakening!!! It’s time for the Glory!!! It’s time to be vigilant, alert!!! Walking in the Light!!! Working with God!!!

Lynne Hammond’s Visitation; Revelation; Cross Over Time; Dr. Billye Brim.

Joshua 3:3-4
And they commanded the people, saying, When ye see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God, and the priests the Levites bearing it, then ye shall remove from your place, and go after it.4 Yet there shall be a space between you and it, about two thousand cubits by measure: come not near unto it, that ye may know the way by which ye must go: for ye have not passed this way heretofore.

Sister Jeanne Wilkerson said these verses were a type of the rapture. In Lynne’s visitation, the Lord brought these verses before her. What is interesting is the word “Passed” is the Hebrew word meaning “Pass-over” in the Hebrew: Strong’s Concordance: Original Word: עָבַר; Part of Speech: Verb; Transliteration: abar; Phonetic Spelling: (aw-bar’); Definition: to pass over, through, or by, pass on

Brenda Brim Krukow; Dr. Gary Wood’s Final Word; 2016. Below is the Word of the Lord Dr. Gary Wood received October 2016 and read at Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks on December 18, 2016, celebrating his 50th year from his fatal car wreck/trip to Heaven in 1966. The prophecy was entitled, “Cross-Over Time.” (Or “Pass-Over Time.”) This was his final word to himself and the Body of Christ before his final death in July 2017. The Lord gave insight to the “Word” Cross-Over, that day through Sister BIllye Brim (Mom). Praise God! The Time is Now—the “Major Shift” the Lord showed Lynne.


Cross-Over Time

It’s Crossover-Time. Prepare to experience somethingA MOVE OF GOD THAT’S NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. Set your House in Order. Get yourself ready to experience miracles and the Harvest.

BEHOLD I WILL DO SOMETHING NEW! THE BARRENESS IS OVER—SONGS OF DELIVERANCE WILL BE SUNG! There’s a change in the spiritual atmosphere! In the barrenness you have pulled back and weariness and discouragement tried to cause you to doubt. The promises of God will come to pass for you.

But I say again to you: The barrenness is over! Now it’s TIME FOR OVERFLOW! OVERFLOW! OVERFLOW! The wealth of the wicked will be transferred to the righteous. Your next step is a place of abundance. It is a place of overflow. Prepare for it!

If you will yield, My Holy Fire will purify you—preparing you to walk in the fullness of My Glory. Some will resist My cleansing Fire and they will fall away in these last days. Receive the Fire of purging—and you will overcome the flesh, the world and the devil. The giants that have screamed threats and accusations against you will fall before your faith in action.

My Word as a Seed has been planted into your spirit—it shall come forth and bear fruit in this season. All restrictions are removed. Don’t limit Me. Don’t doubt. Unbelief and false teaching will keep you from receiving your miracle. Accelerated blessings are coming—expect them in a proportion that you have never seen before.

I will have an End-Time Church where My people will not have church as usual. My children will hear My Voice and have an open Heaven because they have been in the secret place of the Most High. Superstars will fade as the Bright and Morning Star will shine brighter and brighter.

Awake My Church! Revival is in the Air! Get into proper position, so you can be used in this end-time revival. Forget the past—cover it with the Blood and move forward. Flow in My Spirit.
My Seasons are for Seasoning. The seasons I have brought you through are for seasonings. In each season I have deposited into you what you needed for the next season. Live a separated pure and holy Life! Stay filled with the Spirit of God!

So again I say to you, IT’S CROSSOVER TIME! It’s Time for Overflow! Receive It!

Cross-Over Prophecy
Dr. Billye Brim
Dec 18, 2016

And about the Crossing-Over and the Changing [Referring to Dr. Gary Wood’s Word that he read] it is because the Unseen is coming over into the Seen Now. The Unseen realm is coming degree by degree into the Seen. And after all those things that are prophesied in the future some of which would seem not good, but after all those things the Unseen will completely overtake the Seen. And change everything unto the Glory that God intended.


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