Running A Race

What a time it is to be chosen by the Lord to live upon the earth!

The Bible speaks of running a race. I believe it is a relay race and this is the last lap. What an honor we have to be chosen to be the carriers of the baton in the last lap. For that is where the fastest runners are positioned.

This morning on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, our good friend, Chris Mitchell, CBN’s Jerusalem anchor, presented a wonderful clip of his 20 years in Jerusalem. Very informative. Then he and Pat discussed how all the players of the Ezekiel 38 and 39 war are in place.

Jesus is coming soon!!!!!

And more doors than ever have been opened to us in this ministry.

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My son, Chip, who pastors with his wife, Candace, A Glorious Church Fellowship in Collinsville, Oklahoma called me last week excited about what he was going to preach to his congregation. Of course, my heart was happy as he preached it first to me on the phone. He’d heard a minister say that the Chinese word for “crisis” is made up of two words. (If I’m not mistaken that would be two picture words.) One meaning “danger,” and the other, “opportunity.” In other words in every crisis while there is danger, there is opportunity.
It would be worth your while to watch their March 18, Wednesday night service, now archived.

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