Gold Coast Australia

Oh! I meant to do this so much earlier. But we have been busy!
I am so conscious of the “strength” with which the Lord has strengthened me.
I am literally “delighted,” and even thrilled with my very evident injection of divine strength. I am standing to minister for rather lengthy services (my own doing!)
Ministering with the laying on of hands for impartation.
On our Wednesday Moed calls He has said so much which applied to this trip (and of course applicable to all). For instance on the early call 6-14-23, He spoke “Be strong” three times and then he gave Daniel 10:19.

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A 7-Year Old’s Visit to Heaven

Yesterday morning, I learned of two more friends who had moved to Heaven. As I was thinking about how many I know that have transitioned there recently and the wonder of that place…. (I was in fact thinking about how they would react in their first moment there.)

As I was considering this, my daughter-in-law sent me a video taken January 24, 2017 at 9:20 pm just after my grandson, Isaac’s, second visit to Heaven. These were not dreams. The first time the Lord said, “Isaac get your deedle-deedle (his blanky) and go get on your bed. I’m going to take you to heaven.”

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Signature From Heaven

You may not see it—or even believe it—but I saw and I truly believe that we had a “signature from Heaven” on the offering we received during our Wednesday Noon Streamed Live Prayer Meeting.Without going into detail, we needed an influx of financial blessing going into September. In addition to payroll, regular bills, needed maintenance, travel, Autumn Assembly expenses are coming up.

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