Family Time

It’s Friday, and most of my out-of-state family left this morning. I’d rented a large (sleeps 14) vacation rental close by for nearly a week. With that place and my house and the nearby family in their own homes, we could all be together. It was a five-star Fourth of July. Everything turned out just right. Fireworks. Fun. Fellowship. Even the food, much of which was prepared by my grandchildren.

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The Lord used two mountains to drive home to the Jews the difference between blessings and cursings. Through Moses the Lord had differentiated between the two, especially in Deuteronomy 28. Then when Joshua and the people entered the land, they followed instructions given through Moses to plaster, write, and call out upon one mountain the blessings (Mount Gerizim).  On the other they were to write and call out the cursings. (Mount Ebal). (See Deuteronomy 27; Joshua 8:33).

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Shabbat in Jerusalem

I am writing this Friday afternoon here in Jerusalem where most are preparing for a family dinner tonight after Shabbat has officially come in. Shelli and I are invited to the home of Nir, our Migdal Arbel project head. 

As we talked on the phone, he told me it would be noisy. His brothers and their families will be there. Lots of children. I told him I was used to that.

Family—so important to the Father. I think there are no people who exemplify this more than the Jews. They practice family. Shabbat after Shabbat. Pesach after Pesach (Passover). Sukkot after Sukkot. Etc. Families gather. And more often than not, they eat!

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Travel Update

Re Rosh HaShanah. Last Thursday at Walk on the Water Faith Church, Drs Larry and Loretta Ollison, pastors, I gave a word of the Lord that has my spirit seeking its meaning.

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