Healing to the Body of Christ.

February 20, 2019 – Noon Prayer Webcast

Host: Dr. Billye Brim


Dr. Billye Brim: There’s a Whole Lot of People Going Home.  Several of our beloved friends have passed on this week, going to their eternal home.

Testimonies of God’s Faithfulness:
Our Father is “the God of All Comfort,” (2 Corinthians 1:3).  If Our Father Comforts a Little Boy over his Dog; How Much More Will He Comfort You. He comforted Isaac Brim, during a time of sadness over his dog.   YoYo was put to sleep and Isaac did not know where his dog’s “new home was….”  Terry, his father, did not tell Isaac and told him to ask his “real—His Heavenly Father!” So, Isaac asked the Lord about YoYo! That night Isaac had a dream and saw YoYo coming down a hallway, like in the Pentagon, where the two joyfully embraced. “YoYo walked like a general,” Isaac said, “on a mission to see me.” The next morning, he told his dad that YoYo was in Heaven!

The Circle of Life & Death Continues; Dr. Billye Brim’s Great-Grandson; Nathan Joseph Houle. Nathan was born February 19, 2019, to Jared and Rebekah Houle. He weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces and is a beautiful, healthy baby— with lots of dark hair! (Can you tell that I’m his grandmother? Brenda Brim Krukow)

Dr. Billye Brim; Concerning Your Unsaved Loved Ones; A Heavenly Visitor: “Trust God.” Just recently, I heard this testimony from Elizabeth Pruitt Sloan. Her longtime friend was at a grocery store checkout line. The man behind her said, “I have a Word of the Lord for you:  Your two sons you’ve been praying for will be ready for the rapture…. You are to quit preaching to them and trust God.” She asked the check out lady if she saw the man. The lady did, but said that he had vanished.  I thought it was interesting that the man/angel said the word “rapture.” It must be very close! The Lord told Sister Jeanne Wilkerson that any loved one’s name you bring up to the Father, He will apprehend them—if need be, He will wrestle them in the night to get them ready for eternity!

Dr. Billye Brim: I’m Impressed to Pray for Healing in the Body of Christ. Because God so desires to get healing over to us, He has provided several ways to receive healing. Today we are anointing with oil and praying the prayer of faith (James 5:13-15). Everyone get some oil on your hands and hold them out toward the camera; we are going to minister healing to those on the internet. The Lord anointed a dear brother and he spoke healing to those on the internet, calling out various infirmities…  The joy of the Lord came upon us!  Always remember: God is fun! He enjoys you! And so desires for you to live in His Shalom/wholeness—spirit, soul, and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23; Isaiah 53:4-6, 10).