February 06, 2019 – The Watch Fires of God!

The Watch Fires of God!

February 06, 2019 – Noon Prayer Webcast

Host: Brenda Brim Krukow


The Amber Vision, 2008; Brother Gene Wiseman, via telephone. “There are Ambers all over Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks…” Brother Gene Wiseman first heard this phrase in 2008 in a vision given to him. What he saw concerned past, present and future prayers coming from a place called Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks. At the time, he did not even know there was a Prayer Mountain. However, Zona Hayes, Brother Norvel Hayes’ daughter, was a mutual friend of Brother Wiseman and of Sister Billye. She knew about Prayer Mountain and introduced Brother Wiseman to Dr. Billye Brim—a Divine Connection!

The Wall; Nehemiah and President Trump. The Lord recently asked Brother Wiseman, what were the three elements in the Amber Vision? They were (1) the Light; (2) a wall; and (3) darkness. The Lord compared President Trump to Nehemiah— building the wall around Jerusalem and fighting “hell’s forces” at the same time. Brother Wiseman said, “As soon as our President announced he was building a wall, all hell broke loose! We are to keep praying for our President and the wall.” Brother Wiseman encouraged us in our prayers— to know how powerfully Light overcomes darkness. He compared the WWPs (you are included if you pray) to Gideon’s army— the 300 who were so totally sold out to God that He was able to anoint them mightily!

One thing will save America—An Awakening! And it will be accomplished, “Not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit in this Hour.” Following that rather serious charge of becoming a special prayer force for these last days, we totally yielded to the Holy Spirit. To our surprise, He took over and brought us to joyous drunkenness, moving mightily, spreading His Spirit over various areas, including certain states of the Union—as the WWPs would yell out the states’ names. The Holy Spirit said, The watch fires of God are burning across America!”

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