Migdal Arbel: Rising Out of the Ground

In the picture above, I am standing on a balcony in Building 2. In the background you can see Mount Arbel and the Sea of Galilee. I was in Israel in December. I had planned to take a tour and call it a “Hanukkah Tour.” The Bible calls Hanukkah the “Feast of Lights,” a festival which Jesus observed. We normally take two buses, at about forty-five per bus.

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New Year’s Day – Jerusalem, Israel

This blog is for me. Remember, I said the blogs would serve as my journal. So I feel free to express my personal feelings. My emotions are very much mixed today. I miss my family, colleagues, and friends. (We left home the end of November.) But I don’t really want to leave these people and this Land in such an hour as this.

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The Lord used two mountains to drive home to the Jews the difference between blessings and cursings. Through Moses the Lord had differentiated between the two, especially in Deuteronomy 28. Then when Joshua and the people entered the land, they followed instructions given through Moses to plaster, write, and call out upon one mountain the blessings (Mount Gerizim).  On the other they were to write and call out the cursings. (Mount Ebal). (See Deuteronomy 27; Joshua 8:33).

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Misgav Am

Actually it happened on the evening of December 11 that our-longtime friend, Betzelah, who addressed us many times at Misgav Am came to the Ramat Hotel to speak to us. (This very brave and strong man gave me a long-lasting bear hug that spoke volumes.)

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I didn’t sleep well last night anticipating today.
How would it feel to see, to touch, what has been a “call” for more than twenty years.
I don’t call it a dream. Because I can’t truly say it is my dream.
It is a “call.” Something the Lord called me to do. Something He prepared me for. Step by step. Providing amazing confirmations along the way. Comforting me. Urging me never to quit. And I would even venture to say, giving me “the gift of faith” for it.

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Migdal Arbel. It’s Happening

Received the attached video from Nir Kimchi today.
Nir’s Note – Shalom Billye, At a good time we pour the first foundation for our hotel in Migdal. As is the best tradition in Israel – scattering coins… very exciting!!!

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Yam HaMelach (Salt Sea)


Yesterday, my friend and board member, Lynne Hammond, Shelli and I travelled by van from here up through the Judaen desert to Jerusalem.

Of course, I cannot pass the spot of En Gedi without thinking that in the Millennium En Gedi will be a hot fishing spot. And that waters from the Temple will flow down to what is known as the Dead Sea bringing these waters to life (Ezekiel 47:1-12).

The office of Nir Kimchi, our new and very able Project Manager, in Jerusalem was our destination.

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