3BI Class in Branson & Suggestions for Christmas Blessings

Students Wanted!!! 3BI January Classes in Branson

We are teaching 3BI courses in a hotel in Branson, January 13-17.
The way I prepare the courses is to teach them in a live classroom setting. Then they are edited to become on-line courses. Right now we need more students to attend the Branson classes in January. Usually we teach out at Prayer Mountain, but since it is cold in January, and mountain roads can be slippery, we are looking forward to staying at the hotel and having classes there. Our students are so blessed, not only with the study, but with the camaraderie. At the end of this blog, you can see how to apply. Suggestion! You might give the gift of this 3BI class to someone as a Christmas Gift. Or even to yourself! Plus, it will be an inspiration to me to have you present as I teach!



December 11, tomorrow, would have been my beloved husband, Kent’s, 83rd birthday. I was thinking today about Christmas traditions, and how they have changed some. His family always celebrated his birthday as the day to put up the tree. A live one of course, so it couldn’t be put up as soon as we do the artificial ones. He said, “I always knew Christmas was exactly two weeks from my birthday.”



For a couple of years, in this blog, I suggested someone you might want to send a Christmas card to who was going through a challenging time. You did! And it blessed her greatly!!

This year, three people came to mind. They could use an encouraging word, and perhaps an enclosed “Pentecostal Handshake” via a Christmas Card.

Eilene Wilkerson,P O Box 3000, Dana Point, CA 92629

I had occasion for a telephone visit recently with this great woman of God who along with her husband Ralph, founded Melodyland Christian Center in Anaheim, CA in 1969. Melodyland was much used in the move of the Holy Spirit in the Charismatic Renewal Days, and in the Jesus Movement that affected so many. Dr. Ralph at age 91 moved to Heaven on December 12, 2018 last year. Eilene, now 95, is full of life yet “as she told me” she has outlived her partners. We sent her a financial blessing to help pay taxes on her home. And you might want to as well. I know she would appreciate every greeting.

Marquis & Monique James, 1036 N. Narcissus Ave., Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Their fourth daughter, Misa, due in November had to be delivered C-Section at 25 weeks in August to save Monique’s life. She weighed 1 lb. 6oz. That little baby is a miracle! She came home from the hospital on her due date Thanksgiving. Her parents made an amazing stand of faith. They had insurance , but I think it pays only about 80%. And Misa had quite an extended stay. They have not said one word about it, but I know they could use an outpouring of love in Christmas Greetings and a some extra cash for Christmas.

Jimmy & Kylie Gatewood, 16708 E. 96th St North, Owasso, OK 74055

The Gatewoods left their home in NW Arkansas & moved to Oklahoma to answer the call for Kylie to be worship leader at A Glorious Church Fellowship in Collinsville. Jimmy was promised a job, which fell through at the last minute. He has just completed Real Estate courses in Oklahoma and was hired on by one of the leading companies in the Tulsa area. His pay, of course, is on commission. On Thanksgiving Day, he was carrying food to our family celebration when he fell down the rain-soaked slippery steps causing serious knee injuries. Still awaiting insurance approval of MRI. If I were in Collinsville, I would receive an offering for them—they are still making payments on their home in Bentonville, and renting in Owasso. Please agree in prayer with them that their Arkansas house sells soon!!!
Jimmy’s healing is fast and will amaze all!!!
And, if you are of a mind to, send them a word of encouragement.


Especially at Christmas, I have received so much joy by picking up someone’s grocery bill as I stood in line. Or paying for their gas at a station. We give because God gave His Only Begotten Son. Speaking of traditions, the Magi were commissioned by the Father to start a tradition of gift giving to the Master that we carry out to this day to His Glory.

Shalom, Shalom and Blessings



3BI January LIVE Class Registration & Information

  • January 13-17, 2020
  • Click Here to Register or call 1-800-972-3447
  • Online Registration Instructions: The registration page will have an “”Active Class List: The Patriarchs and the 12 Tribes” Box on the page. Click through this box and follow the instructions. Filling out the requested fields as prompted.
  • Because we are not hosting this class at the Mountain, a reduced tuition rate will apply: $275.00 per person or $450.00 per married couple. Credits will stay at $50.00 per person.
  • Held at the Camden Inn in Branson
  • Cost for a double occupancy (two Queen or one King bed) room is $64.00 per night. This includes tax and a full hot breakfast each morning and complimentary hot cobbler and coffee each evening! The hotel also has an indoor pool!!
  • Please make reservations by calling the Camden Hotel directly (417-334-8404) and let them know you are with the Billye Brim Meeting.






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  1. Julia on December 10, 2019 at 7:50 pm

    Merry Christmas, Billye!
    I always enjoy reading your blog and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Israel prayer call and noon prayer.
    Your ideas of giving are wonderful!
    Julia in West Virginia

    • trudy davis on December 11, 2019 at 6:43 am

      I’m sending 3 cards to ur friends /family like u request this is awsome being a blessing to someone

      • Mary Fronk on December 21, 2019 at 4:08 am

        Greetings Sister Billye, I have “sat under” your teaching ministry since the late 70’s and have grown in such hunger and desire for His Word. My husband went home to be with Jesus Feb 1st of this year. I’m trusting The Lord to move me further in ministry in intercession. I’m on my fourth reading of “THE BLOOD AND THE GLORY….Thank you for this ministry. I know there’s more…

    • Rachel Jeffries on December 12, 2019 at 2:27 am

      Merry Christmas to you and your family. I appreciate your friendship and leadership. These 3BI classes have been such a blessing to me. They are so valuable in life and ministry..

    • trudy davis on December 22, 2019 at 6:57 am

      Urgent prayer i saw on fb today that President Trump may step down 1/20/2020/is that true sounds the alarm,all authority of,believer prayerforce /wwp prayer

  2. Chris Bonneville on December 10, 2019 at 8:23 pm

    God revealed this to me recently: The year 2020 is going to be a remarkable year. Every month has the number 20 in it. As Christians we are to individually and our churches do something great on the 20th of the month to recognize Jesus and the greatness of His sacrifice for us. Start with January 20th 2020. See how the numbers line up in 3’s. February 20th 2020 and so on. The 20th will come on 1 Wednesday and that will be May. It will come on Sunday 2 x’s, September and December. It will be on Saturday once, June 20th 2020. There is something really profound in the lining up of this. God told me to share this with everyone I came in contact with. Please pass this on. Love in Christ! Chris Bonneville

    • Pamela Byrd on December 28, 2019 at 11:54 am

      Shalom Happy Hanukkah and happy New Year 2020. Eph.3:20. Pleading blood over this blog and over my e-mail and over everything and over sister Billye Brim and all families. Isaiah 54:17. We praise the Lord in advance. Keep praying and receiving major breakthroughs for everyone we decee it and we thank Him in advance. Where seems to be no way will be a way. I praise the Lord receive the new straight talk phone it was on sale now decreeing I receive rest all I need to transfer all into new phone and not lose nothing. Be encouraged not give up. Seen forth supernatural help and forgive everyone and forgive ourselves in advance. Close every door of the enemy and walk in love like never before. Thank you sister Billye for your the authority of the believer & how to use it. Very important to do this. Keep praying for me and I will get this new phone set up correctly before this old phone can’t be used. It’s been a good phone and been so blessed. Also believing everyone be prepared for year 2020. Just as Kenneth Copeland spoke on 700 club about 2020. And in new January 2020 victory magazine. So grateful to be partners with you and Kenneth Copeland. And with Jewish Voice Miniseries and with you on Israel prayer call and first of all. And with other prayer calls. Shalom Shslom

  3. Reba Ludwig on December 10, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    I am available to come from Edmond Oklahoma to Brandon.
    My Pastor is Pastor Randy Barnett, Riverside Church, Edmond, OK
    I will need someone to pay the fee and hotel expenses.
    I pray the person will come forth with the funds for me to attend.

  4. Katherine on December 10, 2019 at 10:24 pm

    Do we have to stay at the hotel

    • Jan Wurtz on December 11, 2019 at 8:47 am

      I”m no sure but probably not. Blessings Jan

  5. Jamie on December 11, 2019 at 5:56 am

    Morning, like the other person said I’m looking forward to the Wednesday morning prayer call, yesterday morning before I could take my seat in Christ I walked past the tv and the impeachment inquiries aired on all networks I was watching the faces of those standing on that podium felt in my spirit to immediately start praying for them, that their hatred for this man will be replaced with Love and that God would send laborers in their path to minister to them! And I continued to Pray Psalm 91 over President Trump and his cabinet, family, means of travel, Michael Pence his family, Israel etc. In addition I wanted to say that I saw your granddaughters post on Facebook about her husbands fall and My immediate thought was for them to take communion together, I recently have heard this teaching about partaking of the Holy Communion and how the disciples went door to door and Gods word says do this as “Much” so I have been trying to do this daily, one thing I can say the enemy doesn’t want me to I have fallen short and been distracted, but this is a revelation to do this in remembrance of what his son done for me! So I urge everyone to do this too, I thought of you Billye when you said on last weeks prayer call about that cold and we were all praying over that for you to take communion, see that cold on the cross!!! Not to me you don’t my father took it at the cross!!! Amen! Lastly I would like to suggest that in the prayer call that we unite in the spirit for a moment and pray for one another against the wilds of the devil, I have and I don’t know about others but I have had so many petty attacks, whether it be the attitudes of my children or just so busy that I’m exhausted! Let’s lift one another up in daily prayer also! I love you Billye and everyone that has joined forces together in these last days! Shalom

    • Chris Bonneville on December 16, 2019 at 6:24 am

      Good Morning, I am replying to Jamie’s comment on December 11, 2019 regarding taking communion. I take communion twice daily over myself. I feel it is how I stay connected with Jesus and it is how I stay well. Any time Satan tries to put some sickness on me, I rebuke it immediately, Jude 9, The Lord rebuke you, to satan, I rebuke you in the name of the Lord. I rebuke satan at any thing he throws my way. I fully believe in communion. Thank you Jamie for your comment. I also sit on my throne each morning and take authority over satan. I forbid satan to touch my family, and any thing pertaining to me. I take authority over my community, my township, and the United States of America. I rebuke any evil plot satan comes up with, be it mass shootings, bombs, or any terrorist attacks. I plead the blood of Jesus over my country as a citizen of the United States. I pray the first of all pray each day; 1Timothy 2:1-5.
      Thank you, Sister Billye for your teachings and guidance for all prayers. and thank you Jamie for sharing with us. Chris Bonneville

  6. Lonnie Johnson on December 11, 2019 at 10:53 am

    I am a WWP, in hospital for MS pain. Between pain, dope, sleep, and hospital routine may not be with you much but I’m there in spirit please pray that I get on Medicaid to help hey for a nursing home and for finances in general I’m praying that I recover from Ms this right thanks that medical science doesn’t think it’s possible that all things are possible through God how Christ Jesus who strengthens me which strengthens me thank you for your prayers I’ll be with you as much as possible

  7. Betty Meinhardt on December 12, 2019 at 7:05 am

    I recently sold a house in Michigan and had planned to use the proceeds for a down payment on a house for me in Florida. But I prayed and God had me use those funds in a different way. My youngest son is a disabled veteran with full custody of his two children; they are living on his disability check and were renting a tiny house where falling through the floor was a strong possibility and the water was contaminated. So we went house shopping for him. I supplied the down payment and closing costs; and he makes the payments – which are less than his rent was! They are moved in and just love the house. I gave all that background to say that I get such a blessing watching their enjoyment. Every time I visit I get blessed again. And that’s what life is all about!

  8. Pamela Byrd on December 15, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    Shalom Billye Brim Merry Christmas snd Happy Hanukkah happy New Year 2020. We call things that seem so impossible will be impossible. We call for love like never before repentance and praying in the spirit and forgiveness deeply. Target forcus repentance so that we will know what to do in every situation. Father in name of Yeshua bless everyone who is crying out for a great miracles like never before to know you are every thing . We sing happy birthday to you Lord we see your heart and tears of wanting every one to bless everyone who is great need. We call forth ministering angels to minister to every one includes all on this bog. We pleat a bloodline over this blog and every one blogs and may grace and mercy touch many like never before. No more hinderness we call for your wisdom and guidance now and that all bills debts all taxes all insurance s all healings restorations to be restored. You Lord know the heart’s of each person and we thank you in advance that be fast and we be prepared for 2020 and 2021. I thank you sister Billye for your great love and on prayer call for Israel live. The Lord loves you do deeply and every one on this blog. So grateful you bless others so grateful to talk you you personally on prayer call. Continue to pray for me as well we all need stay connected. Decreeing I will receive Eph.3:20 for buy new straighttalk phone and all needs and more than enough. Orangeburg S.C. 29118 and Branchville S.C.29432 these areas and other areas I covering in my seat of authority I made promise on your website. I decree cash money will come in more than enough for everyone I receive some but it shall increase faster than every before. I just mailed off to you yesterday morning at post office to you for general fund. Pleat the blood over it too. Psalms 91:1-16. Shalom Shalom.

  9. Pamela Byrd on December 19, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    Shalom sister Billye we decree things that seem so impossible will be possible we decree blessings over blessings increased no stopping for all who is crying out for help to bless those like never before. May you get the biggest surprises and love like never before as well as all your family and church together as we are one in Yeshua. We thank the Lord in advance no more delays no more word curses no more abortion of babies and our dreams and Destinies to come forth fast and no more lack we get gospel out and we decree that devil has get hands off what the Lord has promised for each of us. We repent and we will have the greatest Christmas and Hanukkah and new Year celebration ever. We pleat the blood over ourselves that we won’t be tricked. We decree we hear the voice of the Shepherd and not a voice of a stranger. We decree Eph.3:20 and we receive everything the Lord promises us in his word which is the living word that gives eternal life and we shall live long and finish strong and have wisdom of God and know what to do and sow it into the Kingdom to multiple 7 time 7. We thank you Lord for blessings after blessings non stop daily after daily. Thank you Lord and praise you Lord for your supernatural miracles and hearings and deep love of forgiveness in advance. Thank you Lord we repent deeper to roots and firm foundation of Love in agape love. I Corinthian 13:4-8. Mark 11:22-25. Eph.3:20 and downloading how to sow with cheerful given and then receiving to have overflowing to know how to multiple to please you Lord and we re dedicate our lives to you. We thank you Lord we want give you a biggest gifes to you Lord as we celebrate your birthday this season even though you were not born on Dec.25. Thank Lord as you prepare us all for 2020 and help us to know what to do each day and the whole year of the new year 2020 which is the vision in natural that we decree we have 20/20 vision of dreams& miracles and healings spitual Eyes to see clearly with spiritual EARS to clearly Obey the voice of the Lord and not of a stranger. James 1:5. Wisdom of God deeply.that we be teachable and quick to repent. And love like never before. Raise up churches that walk by faith and not by sight in my area in Branchville S.C. And Orangeburg S.C. that can’t be uprooted to have hunger after the Lord’s heart and be a firm foundation of Love for Glory and Honor this prayer to give to my True Love Lord a deepest Christmas and Happiest birthday present to my Lord who is very sweet and full of mercy and great grace. He gets the glory and honor for to plant new churches that have heart after Lords heart. John 3:16. Eph.3:20. Isaiah 54:17. Shalom Shalom

  10. Pamela Byrd on December 23, 2019 at 8:55 pm

    Shalom Sister Billye Brim just praise the Lord we thank the Lord in advance major breakthrough comes now for all of us today December 23rd, 2019. Eph.3:20. Isaiah 54:17. Mark 11:22-25. We decree it comes fast no more delay s . We praise the Lord thur blood of Yeshua He gets honor and glory amen.

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