Encountering Bible Prophecy from the Witness of Dr. Billye Brim.

Accredited Christian College, both online and live-recorded courses.

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Dr. Billye Brim’s life call is a Witness, “of things she has seen and heard” (Acts 26:16). From over 40 years of experience, she brings witness to you in a school setting. 3BI is unique in that classes will be based squarely on the Bible with emphasis on its one-half to two-thirds prophetic content.

Together, and from many sources, 3BI brings life to Bible Prophecy—which is not just a dull seminary class but is the prediction and fulfillment of “the living breathing Word of God” revealed by the Prophets as a “Light Shining in a Dark Place” (2 Peter 2:19-21).

Learning Bible Prophecy Together, “Oh what a Planner, Oh what a Plan.” – Dr. Billye Brim


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