A New Dimension of Prayer

Tongues and Interpretation: 
Because, thus saith the Spirit of God: “There are some important facts that you need to learn. There are some important truths and facets of truth that you have not seen before. And you’ll see it from a little different light. And a little light will shine in here, and a little light there. And a little precept there. And as you move into the realm of the Spirit with the Word of God and with the authority of the Name of Jesus Christ, you will be able to pray and get results in a way that you never have before. For the greatest hour of the church in the area of prayer, authority, is now at hand,” saith the Spirit of God.

Praise God. (Tongues) 

But some go off on tangents and one way of doing things, thus saith the Lord of hosts. And never come to the place where you think. Or never come to the place where you think that “I have arrived.” But always willing to change. Be willing to learn. Be willing to respond to My Spirit and surely I will guide thee, and teach thee. Teach thee into all truth. Teach thee My Word, and teach thee My ways. And you will be able to come into My presence with authority, and boldness that you have never exercised before to plead your case. And if you’ll listen to Me, I at times will plead My case. And we together will make the right decision. And so the work of God shall go forth. Your family will be blessed. Your friends will be blessed. Your children will be blessed. And all those around about you will be blessed. And the plan, the purpose of God shall be consummated upon the earth. And great shall be the joy and rejoicing of His saints.

For thus saith the Lord: “Follow my Spirit and let your words be seasoned with wisdom. And so thou shalt walk in a new dimension of prayer. Yea, I’ll take thee deeper than you’ve ever gone before. Even in the realm of the prayer. Oh, no, not out into some mystical realm where you’ll float around like a cloud in the sky and nobody will know what’s happening. But into a dimension of power, into a dimension of reality where you’ll stand still and see the salvation of the Lord with you. And plead your case and plead your rights. And I’ll commune with thee and will direct your spirit. And you will know just exactly what I’m saying unto you. And I’ll lead you into praying in My Spirit, where you’ll pray at another time with another tongue. And often time in praying in various tongues, you’ll be praying for people on various parts of the earth who speak that language. And though you do not understand it or know it, blessing shall come unto them. Power shall be released unto them.

Yea. Saith the Lord of hosts, “Let not man ruin the move of God by his wrong thinking.” Selfish feelings, and childlike maneuvers. But rather let him assert himself, and submit himself to walk in the light of the Word. And always remember: submit unto authority. And My authority is the greatest authority of all. And My authority shall be delegated unto you. And you shall exert authority upon the earth. And great shall be the rejoicing thereof.

Yea, saith the Lord of hosts, “A knowledge that has not been known before. A realm that has not been attained unto before. A dimension that has not been entered into before — Oh, occasionally just in the edge of it — shall be entered into by those who desire to enter into the prayer fight. They will not endeavor to attract attention unto themselves. Anytime you attract attention unto yourself, you attract attention away from Me, saith the Lord. And so, humble yourself and call upon Me and say, “Oh Lord, may no one see me, but may they see You. But make me an instrument in Your hand that You can use.” And so it will be good with thee. And so it will be well with thee. And so the work of God shall be consummated and the will of God accomplished upon the earth.

We’re moving with the Lord. We’re moving toward the end. The end of all things is upon us. The end of time is upon us.

The enemy goeth about as never before, roaring as a lion, seeking whom he may devour. Immorality, sexuality is rampant on every side. Spiritualism, false cults are rampant on every side. Homosexuality, lesbianism, and all kinds of sexual corruptness, is coming out of the hiding place into the full view of the public. And men merely shake their head, and go on.

But Christians are moved by the Spirit of God. And they shall lift up their voices with authority and say, “Thus far shall you come, Satan, and no further.” And stay the hand of the enemy. And stay the hand of judgment. Stay the hand of judgment until the message is carried around the world. Until the rain falls upon every nation. Until the harvest is reaped. And then the cry shall be made, the cry shall come forth, “Behold, the bridegroom cometh! Go ye out to meet Him.”

And what a day of rejoicing, and what a day of enlightenment, and what a day, hallelujah, of spiritual advancement. So prepare ye your hearts. Do not be deterred by anything that happens upon the earth. For those things are in the kingdom of man and the kingdom of Satan. But see to it that you function in the kingdom of God.