Prophecy by Kenneth E. Hagin on October 01, 1974

“No, the time of the end is not yet.
No, America is not doomed,”
I heard Him say.

“No, judgment will not fall as yet.
Some have seen some things in the spirit
and didn’t know how to interpret it.
They interpreted it as happening now.
I didn’t say it was going to happen now.
In the spirit you see things in the distance —
and even in another age.
When the Church age is over, judgment will fall.
But judgment will not fall upon the Church.
For the only judgment that the church will face
is the judgment seat of Christ.
They’ll not face the judgment of tribulation.
They’ll not face the judgment of the enemy
or the judgment of God,
for they’re protected by God.

“And there is more to happen yet.
There’s missionary work to be done.
And even the renewal that you call
‘Charismatic Renewal,’
and the move of the Spirit
in these last days —
you have only seen a little.

“And there shall be those
that stand before the leaders
of this nation and work miracles.
And it shall be even so as it was with Phillip,
after that he had baptized the eunuch
that he was caught away and found in another city.
And so one shall be in this city
and television cameras shall be trained upon him.
The reporters will say,
‘He’s here in Dallas, Texas.’

And as fast as you can snap your finger,
a television camera in Los Angeles…
and there he is.

Some will say, ‘How did he do that?’
It shall be the Spirit of God that shall catch him away.
And these signs and wonders shall become more prevalent.
Signs and wonders have come here and come there.
But they shall become
more prevalent
and more prevalent
in these last days.

“And let not your heart be fearful, nor let it be afraid.
For there shall,
and on the scene he has already arisen,
one who shall respond unto the things of God
and whose heart will be open toward God.
And your nation,
that seemed to be cut down to the roots,
and the wild birds of the air
and the fowls of the air
came and roosted in her branches
and did much disrepute unto the nation.
Yet that shall all be repaired
because this man shall say,
‘I will walk in the way of God.
I will trust also in Him.’
And he shall be at the head,
and many shall follow him.
And the work of God shall be consummated
that must be consummated
in other nations
before I come,”

“I heard Him say,

“‘Because, you see, The enemy shall not gainsay the work of the Lord.’
And like a trumpet sounding across the valley,
I heard His voice,
So strong and clear,
And He said,

“So be not fearful, nor cast thy glance around about, and become askant.*
But look ye up unto Him, for He is the Head of the Church.
And through the Church the Head will manifest himself.
And men are the hands of the Lord.
And the hands are in the Body.
And He shall stretch forth His hands to heal the sick,
that signs and wonders shall be wrought in the name of the Holy Child Jesus.

“And two things shall shortly be made manifest unto the real people of God:

“One is further light
and teaching
and revelation
in the area and realm of healing —
physical healing,
divine healing —
that will be the key that will unlock the chain that has bound so many
and they’ll nevermore be the same.

“And then there shall come
further light according to the Word concerning the miraculous,
and the part that faith doth play.
For faith is like the fuse that ignites the dynamite.”

“And when the explosion goes off, all can hear and see.
But there was a fuse that had to be lit, and FAITH is the fuse.
And thou shalt be able to stand and to take a blackboard,
like a teacher teaching mathematics and write out the equation
and come up with the right answer.
And any man or woman, boy or girl, standing or seated
in that congregation will be able to take that equation, translate it into the spiritual realm,
and their faith will ignite the power of God.
And they’ll have an explosion in their home and in their community and in their church.
And it will be popping here and popping there;
and it will be popping here and popping there;
and it will be popping here and popping there…
So get ready for it.

“And the curtain was closed.
And into the realm of eternity I could no longer see.
And into the realm of eternity I could no longer hear.
But I looked again into the realm of time,
where you sit and live,
and say with words from heaven above,
These things shall shortly be,
and shall shortly come.”


*Askant: (origin unknown) – a variant of Askance
1 : with a side-glance : OBLIQUELY
2 : with disapproval or distrust : SCORNFULLY <they eyed the stranger askance>