The Shmittah Year Prophecy | Dr. Billye Brim | 2007

The Shmittah Year Prophecy

Written article by Dr. Billye

In 2000 CE, what is called “The Shmittah Year Prophecy” became the talk in Israel, especially within Orthodox Jewish circles.  Before long, Messianic believers were also studying it.  The Orthodox religious say that a Scriptural cycle was found 400 years ago in their Scriptures  by their sages.  This cycle is calculated from the time that Joshua and the Hebrews entered the Land.  In calculating the seven year cycle, set in motion by Yahuweh Himself, the sages said that the Rosh ha Shanah—head of the year—(Yom Teruah—Feast of Trumpets) of September 11, 1999 CE, would be the “year that everything changes and the beginning of the judgment of the nations”.  The “head of the year” is calculated from creation.  Day one of the Hebrew month of Tishre thus began the year 2000 on September 11, 1999 (Roman calendar). The Jews call it the year 5760, from an uncorrected calendar rendering after the “Babylonian captivity”.  

According to the prophecy, the following Rosh ha Shanah would begin a “Shmittah Year”. On this day, which was September 29, 2000 CE (Roman calendar) they said that a war cycle would start that would not end until Messiah ben David (Messiah, the Son of David) came to deliver them.  They considered it the beginning of “Jacob’s troubles”.   

The “Shmittah Year” is  the seventh year of each seven-year cycle, set by Yahuweh, our Father, in which He commands the Land to rest—from Leviticus 25:1-7, Deuteronomy 15:1-4.  The word “shmittah” (sh-meet-ah) comes from the Hebrew root “shamot”, which means “to abandon, to leave, to let lie fallow”, and refers to the land being left alone for a year, in order to revitalize it for better harvests.  But, it also symbolizes the weekly Shabbat—day of rest–in which humans and animals and all life forms can rest–and the seven-thousandth year of Messiah’s Kingdom, which brings us into eternal rest.

Obeying His instructions for the smittah year is so important that Yahuweh sent the house of Judah into captivity in Babylon for seventy years for punishment for not keeping the smittah year for 490 years. (II Chronicles 36:20-21)

The “Shmittah Year” will again occur on Rosh ha Shanah, Yom Teruah, of 2007 CE (sunset September 12th-sunset September 13th)–Roman calendar–beginning the seventh year of the seven-year cycle we are in now.   

This date on the creation calendar begins the year 2008.  The new seven-year cycle will begin on Rosh ha Shanah of 2008 CE (Roman calendar) or 2009, Tishre 1, Hebrew calendar.

In the meantime, Jews are still looking for Messiah ben Yoseph (the suffering servant).  To their great joy, both will come as the same Person, to catch them up on what they’ve been missing for the last 1,970 years, and to bring them a Kingdom on earth, in which the Torah will be the rule of the Law of Heaven over the earth.  Messiah ben Yoseph/Messiah ben David (same Person) will open the fountain of cleansing for the House of David, and forgive their sins, and restore them to right-standing with Yahuweh, put His Word in their hearts, join them with the House of Israel, and together they will be one stick in His hand forever—HalleluYAH!  (Zechariah 12-14 and Ezekiel 36 and 37)  

We join in spirit with the Orthodox Jews in their great expectation for the coming of Messiah.  We pray for the remnant of the children of Jacob (all the tribes) who will receive Him with joy, as “they look upon Him whom they pierced and mourn for Him”. Their mourning will turn to joy as they receive their Savior, Redeemer, Messiah, High Priest and King.  Oh the joys of fulfilled prophecy!  

We remember that Rosh ha Shanah, September 29, 2000 was the day after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon came up on the Temple Mount with some friends, and a major Intafada (Arab uprising) began.  He went up on the Temple Mount and read Ezekiel 37—the chapter that so powerfully tells of the restoration of the whole house of Jacob—all the twelve tribes.  On the day Sharon went onto the Temple Mount, the stored rocks were already there for the purpose of the Arabs to throw at Sharon and his friends, for the Intafada to begin, leading to Jihad (Holy War) had been planned to start that day. It was NO coincidence! This “war cycle” did indeed begin that day, and it has not stopped, nor will it stop, until Messiah ben David–son of David–comes.

Father’s plans move in various set cycles.  Some cycles are seven years, forty years, fifty years, three and one half years, 390 years, 483 years, or 490 years.  Leviticus 25 gives us the cycles of Jubilee, with its seven seven-year cycles, ending in the 50th year of Jubilee. 

Billye Brim is a Christian Bible teacher who has spent much time in Israel. In
her teaching on the “Judgment on the Nations”, she tells of hearing this “Shmittah Year Prophecy” in May of 2001, while eating a falafel in Mea Shearim
in the Ultra-Orthodox area of Jersualem. She was in Israel, and had been hearing about this prophecy from many people. A Rabbi came up to her table and began talking to her, even though she told him she was one of those that believed that Yeshua was the Messiah. He confirmed what she had heard about this prophecy. He said that September 11, 1999 was called “the day that everything changesand that on the next Rosh ha Shanah—September 29, 2000, a war cycle would begin that would continue until Messiah ben David came.

Billye went to check this out with her friend, Chaim Richmond, who heads the Temple Institute in Jerusalem.  He confirmed what the Rabbi told her, adding regarding September 11, 1999:  “It is the day that the final judgment on the nations begins”.  

September 13, 2007, is the day of the final release of the house of Ephraim (the ten northern tribes), whose final scattering was in 722 BCE.  The smittah year is the year of “Yahuweh’s release”.  Ezekiel 4:4-5 tells us they would be punished 390 years for their sin, yet Leviticus 26:14-25 tells us that this punishment would be multiplied by seven.  Thus, their punishment, being banished into all nations AMONG the gentiles and losing their identity as to their Hebrew roots, would be 2,730 years. That puts the end of their punishment in its finality at sunset September 12, 2007. 

This is very fascinating, but there is more to confirm that this was not just some wild prediction of religious Rabbinical Jews.  I’ve been collecting information for years from world government leaders, from true Word-based prophets who have had dreams and visions and rhemas, and from the details of the Word, history and current events, that show that the years 2007-2008 will be years of great world upheaval that will lead to the rise of a world ruler.  March 26, 2004, Prince Hasan of Jordan said: “I’m afraid the making of World War III is actually taking place in front of our eyes”.   

Truly, as I’ve stated in my article, “The Creation of Chaos”, the making of World War III has been planned since 1871, as was World War I and World War II, in order to create enough chaos, so that the world ruler would come to the Temple Mount, thus ushering in the last three and one half years before Messiah comes to rescue us all.  Messiah said Himself, that unless He shortened those days, “no flesh will be saved”.  (Matthew 24:22)

The sages who discovered this “prophecy”, actually were correctly calculating the cycles of Yahuweh, beginning their calculations from the time of Joshua, when they first began setting aside the Land-rest years.  

In 2000, the Father spoke to me to go to the island of Patmos no later than September 29, 2000.  He told me that on that date I was to be in the cave where John received the Revelation, and to prophesy/declare the opening of the seven seals of Revelation 6. I was to declare Revelation 5:1-chapter 6:1 into the earth—also representing the Bride of Messiah to call for the Bridegroom’s coming.   I didn’t know why September 29, 2000 was so important—He didn’t tell me that.

I knew it was the end of the Oslo Accord, and the beginning of the seven thousandth year since creation, and 2001 on the Hebrew calendar.  But, instead of putting that as my priority, which I should have because He has sent me on many strategic assignments to declare His will into the earth, I went on to Africa for the summer to minister, as I had for the previous seven years.

I came back to Jordan with malaria–again.  I was weak and sick, and unable to go to Patmos when He told me to go.  I have since learned, that when He gives me an assignment to “stand in the gap” and to proclaim and declare His will into the earth—that it is my primary assignment and I must guard it with my life and not to let other things get in my way of fulfilling His will.  Anyway, I didn’t go—with great regret.   I repented, but heard no soothing: “That’s OK”, from Him.  It was not OK. 

Powerful declaration and proclamation of His Word must be done on site—not from a comfortable easy chair of one’s choosing.   Prayer can be done anywhere, and prayerful intercession, but He sends some on assignments to go to the site where He wants His Word called into the earth. 

I remember hearing of a man who was in America, who was told by Father to go to Berlin, Germany, back before the Berlin Wall came down, and lay his hand on the Berlin Wall and command it to come down.  He obeyed.  Then he asked Father what else he was supposed to do, and Father told him, “Now go home to America”.   Our job is to obey.

I returned from America in late April of 2001.  He had told me to buy a travel guide for the Greek Isles.  The Lonely Planet travel series had just put one out.  

I bought it, though I was not happy about spending approximately $18.00 on something I thought I’d never use.  Father never told me why I had to buy the book, just that I had to buy it.  I’m obedient, most of the time.  When I got back to Aqaba, I was preparing to teach the Torah reading for the week on May 3rd.   As I prepared, He showed me some revelation on why I still had to go to Patmos.  It was shocking Revelation that once He sends forth His Word into the earth, it does not return to Him void.  Then He clearly said to me—unmistakablely His voice—“I want you to be on Patmos on May 11th”.  (My 50th spiritual birthday of being born again was on May 14, 2001).   The only way I could be on Patmos on such short notice was to go by the information in the Lonely Planet travel book. 

I was on Patmos on May 11th.  On May 12th and 14th, I went into the cave where John received the Revelation.  On May 12th, He gave me the most astounding revelation from Revelation 5:1-6:1—about why John wept.   John represented the Bridal remnant.   Unless the seals were opened and the tribulum was released, the Bride would forever be waiting at the altar.   The “tribulum” from where we get “tribulation”, is a farm instrument which separates wheat from chaff.   This 3 ½ year time-frame is the time of the pressure that our loving Father will put on all mankind to separate out the true set-apart ones–the wheat–from the chaff–the wicked.   He gives mankind one last chance to submit to Him, before the final wrath must be poured out at the end of the time of tribulation.  I sat in that cave and journaled for two hours about what He showed me regarding why John wept.  On May 14th, I was there to represent the Bride and to call for the Bridegroom to come.   The anointing in that cave was overwhelming, as His presence filled it. 

Though I fulfilled Part II of my assignment on Patmos, I look at regret that I did not guard His will for me, so was not on Patmos for the proclamation of the opening of the seals.  But, I know for sure that on that Tishre 1–September 29, 2000 on the Roman calendar–that the seals of the Revelation scroll were opened, and the horseman began to ride.  The seals have to be broken in order for the rest of the scroll to unfold.  And since September 29, 2000, the scroll has definitely been unsealed and rolled out.  In Revelation 6:8, we see information that is rarely reported: The four “horsemen of the Apocalypse” only ride over one-fourth of the earth.  It is now happening in the Middle East and parts of Africa.  

From ancient Jewish writings, Rabbis have said that the first seven years of the seven thousandth year since creation is the time in which the earth is purged of the wicked during much tribulation, and the set-apart ones are preserved.  Men from before Messiah’s first coming and for over 1,000 years after He came, have said that Messiah would come in the early part of the seven thousandth year from creation. 

The end of the last Shmittah year (Rosh ha Shanah of 2001 CE) marked the beginning of the 7,000th year from creation, and the beginning of the “third day”–Hosea 6:1-3– from the coming of Messiah Yahushua the first time.  In the third day—as per Exodus 19–the Spirit of Yahuweh descended onto Mt. Sinai, and revealed the terms of His marriage covenant with His people.  The people at Sinai were commanded to prepare for the third day by cleansing themselves.  The word now is: “REPENT (MAKE T’SHUVAH) FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS NEAR”. 

This is why, from ancient times rabbis before Messiah’s first coming, as well as Messianic believers since His first coming, have known that the cycles and prophecies (Genesis 6:3, II Peter 3:8 and Psalm 90:4) referred to the end of the age as we know it to come at the beginning of the seven thousandth millennium from creation.  Messianic prophetic books, found at Qumran, also tell of Messiah’s coming in the seven-thousandth millennium.  The Essenes of Qumran believed that there would be one Messiah who was Elohim, who would come first as a suffering servant, and second as the conquoring King.  They based their beliefs on Scripture alone, like Isaiah 53.  In cannoizing the Tenach, Rabbi Akiva, the founder of Rabbinical Judaism, left those writings out of the cannon purposely, for they would have proved Messiah Yahushua to be the One.  

He almost left the book of Daniel out, relegating it to the “writings” along with Ezra and Nehemiah, for Daniel 9:24-27 tells us exactly when Messiah, the suffering servant, came.  (For careful study of this passage, ask for the article The Three Levels of Daniel 9:24-27)

Noah died in 2007 BCE, so it has been calculated.  We are in the days of Noah once again. Hosea 6:2: “After two days He shall revive us, on the third day He shall raise us up, so that we live before Him.  So…let us pursue to know Yahuweh, His going forth is as certain as the morning.  And He comes to us like the rain, like the latter rain watering the earth.” The Hebrew Tenach in English,  translated from the Hebrew, verse two, is even clearer: “In two days He will make us whole again (speaking of the Messiah who came to die and rise again to make us all whole again); In the third day He shall raise us up (the resurrection) and we shall be whole by His favor”.   (This speaks of the salvation of all Israel, as He pours out His spirit on them!)   (Italics mine) It is the time preceding the coming of the Kingdom of Messiah to earth, some  Jewish leaders also say that man has been given six thousand years, but that the six thousand years did not begin from the first day of creation, but began with the creation of Adam in the sixth day, thus adding six years to the six thousand years.

In Genesis 6:3 we read that Yahuweh’s Ruach (Spirit) will only strive with man for 120 years.  Hebraic understanding is that this is 120 Jubilee years.  That is six thousand years, since a Jublilee year is every 50th year (Leviticus 25)—120 X 50= 6,000.

Creation Scientists have clearly shown that the planet earth we live on is no more than six thousand years old—now moving into its seven thousandth year.  There is no solid scientific evidence that can prove it to be older than this!   

Now for more confirmation regarding September 29, 2000: I was reading a little book by Richard Honorof, a Messianic Jew from Israel, entitled Revealing the Mysteries of the Melchi Zadok Priesthood.  On Page 38, he begins telling about twenty-seven people, himself included, who were led by the Ruach Yahuweh—the Spirit of the Father–to go walk on Shabbat (September 30, 2000, at 2:00PM) from the end of the Hinnon Valley at the Mt. Zion Hotel to the Kidron Valley at the Gihon springs.   Seven were dressed as priests, and took seven silver trumpets, a shofar, and a flask of anointing oil.  Over the waters of the Gihon, as in the days when Samuel anointed Solomon there, they poured oil over the shofar and then blew all the trumpets proclaiming Yahushua (Yeshua—the Salvation of Yahuweh the Father) as Messiah and the new King of Israel.   Richard said that at that time, he believed that what took place on that day “Yeshua used for beginning His end-time ministry”. On His wedding day, Messiah will be crowned King, and His Bride crowned Queen.  They will make their residency on the hill just above the Gihon Springs in the City of David.

I agree with Richard that He did indeed begin His end-time work on that Rosh ha Shanah, preparing for His coming.  His last days ministry includes the regathering of the twelve tribes of Israel (Jacob) from all over the earth, and the separating out and marking of the Bridal remnant for her final preparation for His coming–those who will be alive and remain at His coming. He is separating now the wicked from the righteous, and calling the house of Israel back to their roots in the Torah, back to repentance, back to the Father, back home to His Land. He is also orchestrating the plans of Lucifer (Isaiah 14:13-15) for the final fulfillment of His prophecies regarding the setting up the time of tribulation and the rule of “anti-messiah” (world ruler) for 3 ½ years.  Yahuweh is tying up loose ends using Lucifer’s world elite leaders, as He sits in the heavens and laughs…see Psalm 2.

After 2007, His plans to reunite the whole house of Jacob (all the tribes) can commence without punishment hanging over His people.  They are released from their captivity on a shmittah year!  

II Thessalonians 5 tells us that we are NOT children of darkness, so that “the day” will overtake us as a thief in the night.  (I Thessalonians 5)  We are children of light, and friends of Messiah if we obey His commands. (John 15:14)  

Many are beginning to see the reality of the finalities. Many Scriptures describe nuclear world holocaust in detail, and tell us that “no flesh will be saved”.  Messiah will have His remnant–some flesh will be saved–thanks to His overwhelming mercy!  (Matthew 24:21-25) 

Arthur Spier, a world famous Jewish authority, in his book The Comprehensive Jewish Calendar speaks of the Jubilee cycle: “The 50-year cycle, or the Yobel (Jubilee) years were counted, according to Maimonides, as long as the Temple was in existence.  Every 15th and 65th year in each century of the world era are Yobel years, and the intermediary years represent the seven cycles of the shmittah years…Jubilee years, according to this reckoning, began in the autumn of 1815, 1865, 1915, 1965, 2015.”

According to Maimonides, the next Jubilee year will commence on Yom Kippur of 2015 Hebrew calendar (Tishre 1, September/October Gregorian calendar 2014).  However, Maimonides gave room for himself to be off a little. We know that on September 12th sunset, we enter Tishre 1, and 2008 on the Hebrew calendar—a “shmittah year”.  The next cycle of seven doesn’t begin until Tishre 1, 2009 (2008 September/October Gregorian calendar).  So the shmittah year we are about to enter covers September 12, 2007 sunset, until the next Tishre 1, September 30th 2008, beginning 2009 Hebrew calendar. 

So, if you calculate to the next shmittah year after this one, you find that it begins Tishre 1, 2015 Hebrew calendar.  This means that the Jubilee year would then begin on Yom Kippur of 2016 Hebrew calendar (Sept/Oct. 2015 Roman calendar).  We will have to wait and see what transpires won’t we?

But, if Maimonides is wrong, he’s only wrong by a year. According to the Orthodox Jews and their writings on the Torah, the Jubilee year can only be celebrated when a remnant of all the tribes have returned to the Land.  They are now excited that this return is beginning with a small remnant.  The Orthodox Jews say, and the Torah-observant believers know, that when Messiah comes He will restore the twelve tribes—the whole house of Jacob—at the resurrection.  But, before that—there will be a representative number of each tribe doing exploits in the earth—a remnant that is marked and sealed (Revelation 7:1ff and 14:1ff).

A year of Jubilee is the only year that begins on the 10th of Tishre as per Leviticus 25.  The Jubilee years are actually traceable, going back to the last Scripturally recorded Jubilee year in Ezekiel 40:1.  The Jubilee year is the only year that begins on Yom Kippur—the 10th of Tishre.  The next Jubilee will begin Yom Kippur, 2016, at the end of a shmittah year—2015. It has long been believed that Messiah would come on a Jubilee.  This is reasonable because He comes to set His people free from the wicked of Lucifer’s kingdom, and to free the earth for His people—Revelation 11:15-19.  

While the Aviv calendar of Exodus 12:3 is our lifestyle for following the plan of salvation from beginning to end, as per Leviticus 23, and the seven festival’s fulfillments in Messiah Yahushua, still the Tishre calendar marking creation’s time, meshes with the Exodus calendar to show us where we are on the timing of the world—from creation.  By the Tishre calendar, we realize we are within the seven thousandth year from creation. On the Exodus 12:3 calendar, which is our lifestyle, we realize that the next Festival to be fulfilled by Messiah is His second coming on a Tishre 1—the Feast of Trumpets.

Some Bible scholars, and the New Age believers in general, are watching carefully the orbit of “Planet X”—the new publically announced (January 2006) tenth planet in our solar system, which is due to pass close to our orbit in 2012.  This planet has been photographed and tracked for a long time—a semi-guarded secret.   But, this is NOT sci-fi.  According to scientific investigation, the last time it passed through was about the time that the contintents divided, as per Genesis 10:25.  The powerful pull of this planet, with its odd-shaped orbit, does indeed match the detailed prophetic writings of Isaiah and other Scripture—about the earth shaking almost out of its orbit.  The Mayan Calendar has the world ending on December 21, 2012.  But, scientists say that is not accurate. We know that the world will not end.  The New Age believers are waiting for the purging of the planet of all who send off negative vibrations (people who resist their take-over), as we enter “The Age of Aqarius” in 2012.

At this point, we must use our time to prepare, for the days are short, and Messiah will return soon, no matter how you calculate it.  

If we walk out, as our lifestyle, the calendar of the Father’s appointments (His moed’im), then, of course, those times and season are the Festivals of Leviticus 23 will be a light to our path.  We know that the Savior can only come on the Feast of Trumpets, Tishre 1. Therefore as we walk  in the “tracks of righteousness”–the seven Festivals of Yahuweh of Leviticus 23–which is what Psalm 23:3 is saying—“the paths of righteousness”, we are led by Him for His Name’s sake.

We can surely know the progress of our redemption, for our Father does NOTHING unless He first tells His servants (who guard His Kingdom Instructions and Teachings—The Torah) the prophets what He is about to do—Amos 3:7.  He doesn’t want us ignorant—He wants us prepared and ready for Him when that shofar blows at the “last trump”—II Corinthians 15:51-54;  Revelation 11:15-18. The Oslo Acccord, the “Covenant of death”—Isaiah 28–began at a Rosh ha Shanah, September 13, 1993.  It was a seven-year treaty.  Therefore it officially ended on Rosh Ha Shanah September 19, 2000.  The Oslo Accord, the Road Map and the Arab Initiative are all about implementing the United Nations resolution of 1947 to create a Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as the world’s international capitol and center of politics and religion. In the carving up of His Land, it leaves Israel indefensible.  It was called “The Final Solution”—same words Hitler used explain the extermination of six million Jews. Of course the world leaders knew that there would not be peace, but only chaos. The third part of the Mazzini/Pike plan of 1871, for the third world war, was to pit Arabs and Jews against each other to clear the Land for the anti-messiah and a lawless state.  The idea is to produce chaos, for an excuse to bring the world ruler to power.  The motto of the Illuminati is: “Out of chaos, order”.  (Look at the Latin phrase on the U.S. dollar bill).   That is why we’re seeing the purposed chaos taking place, especially in the Middle East.  (For more information about what will take place this September 11th sunset to September 13th sunset, refer to my articles “The Forty-Eight Hour Transition”)

THE THREE SETS OF SEVEN:  1) The Oslo Accord:  September 13, 1993–a Yom Teruah beginning a shmittah year–to September 29, 2000 and 2) the time of transition from September 29, 2000–a Yom Teruah beginning a shmittah year–to September 13, 2007, and 3) the last cycle of Daniel’s 70th “week” of seven years—September 13, 2007–a Yom Teruah beginning a shmittah year–to Yom Teruah beginning a smittah year—2015.  At the end of the last shmittah year, ten days into 2016–Yom Kippur—our Messiah will return.  Am I dogmatic about this?  NO—so don’t label me as a date-setter.  But, at this point, I have peace.  We will know more as the time approaches!   I do find it fascinating, however, that the confirmation regarding this timing is coming strongly, and so we must ALL hear from the Spirit for ourselves as we make preparations to be “found in Him at His appearing”.

And so I strongly believe that we are about to enter, at sunset September 12th Israel time, into the final seven years before Messiah’s coming.  Please refer to: “The Forty-Eight Hour Transition” for more specifics.  This is being confirmed by many scholars of the Hebrew Scriptures, as well as by “the witness” of the Spirit of Yahuweh.

There is a man who has been in Christian ministry for most of his life, who was walking out on his farm in Tennessee in March of 2007.  He looked up and saw a vision of storm clouds coming, and the date September 12, 2007 in the sky.  The Father instructed him to go back to his house and write down:  September 12, 2007, 12:00, in Jerusalem.  He put his own spin on it regarding America, but the date was for Jerusalem.   It is the time that the world’s clock goes into September 13th.  He is announcing the great forty-eight hour transition to His people by His calenar, and to the world by theirs. He is good to us all! The first of these three seven-year periods matches the good years of Pharaoh’s dream (Genesis 41:1-32). From September 13, 1993 to September 29, 2000, the world had the best seven years economically the world has ever seen—continuing into the seven transition years.  We are finishing seven years of mixture–good and bad–years of transition from September 29, 2000 to this point in time (which at the writing of this is September 2007), in which the enemy has greatly set up his plans for the final thrust against Israel and the world. Now we are entering the last seven years pictured in the second dream of Pharaoh, in which the east wind (“Kadima” in Hebrew) will blow upon the land of Israel and the world will go into chaos–and the anti-messiah, the world ruler, will come. The word “anti” does not mean against as much as it means “in the place of”—he will come in the role of a messiah.  (Compare with Genesis 41:15-32 for greater revelation).

Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon created the Kadima party—the “forward” party—but in Biblical Hebrew it means the “forward-blowing east wind”—the destroying wind.  As of now, under Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, Kadima has become a disaster for Israel.  He and his government leaders, dedicated to the world ruler, are taking orders from the world government (established May 1999 publically announced on CNN and BBC–everywhere but in America), whose head is America.

The seven years of the Oslo Accord began on September 13, 1993.  On March 13, 1997, exactly 3 ½ years into the seven-year treaty of death, it was stopped by an Arab uprising on the Temple Mount.  This was a picture of the anti-messiah, who will take power as the world ruler and stop “that which is continual” in the “middle of the week”, setting himself up as god to be worshipped.   In the Spring of 1996, Jim Searcy reports, that the government of Israel began to let two Jews at a time go up on the Temple Mount to pray.  The “Temple Mount Faithful” continued to do what King David did during the forty years when the Ark was under the pavilion in a tent behind his house—called “the Tabernacle of David”.  The morning and evening sacrifices of Exodus 29:38-46 were done as prayers with worship and praise during that time—with no animal sacrifices—so say Jewish historians.   Faithfully for about two years, these prayers were made—until March 13, 1997, when the Jews had to make a hasty escape due to the rioting of Muslims on the Mount.  The Jews, after that, were prohibited from going up on the Mount to continue “that which is continual”.

Traditional Evangelical eschatology has taught that the anti-messiah would put an end to world turmoil and initially come in as a man of peace.  That would end the “war cycle”.  But, that is not the case, if one thoroughly reads the Word without demoninational glasses on.  He is tormented constantly by wars and world problems.  There is no peace during the reign of anti-messiah, nor does any reign of peace come before he sets up his “abomination that makes desolate”.  Looking at Daniel 8, we see that he arises as a man “fierce of face”.  Oh yes, he uses deception, lies, flattery, and even signs and wonders, to get to power, but isn’t that typical of politicians in general?   Therefore, we will have war and famine, poverty, disease, a world police state, and all sorts of death, until Messiah delivers us totally from it all.

Let us concentrate on the good news of His Kingdom on earth!  

Let us be daily involved in spreading the “Good news of the Kingdom”—which is, from Matthew 4:17, “MAKE T’SHUVAH”—REPENT, RETURN.

From Elul 1- Yom Kippur is the time of T’shuvah—the time that we prepare ourselves for His coming, by repentance and returning to the Covenant of the Father through the blood of Messiah Yahushua.  This is our message—we must be busy about our Father’s business in spreading this message!

I end my comments here.  I give you two articles—below:  The first one is from Jim Bramlett’s website and explains a lot about the Shmittah year and cycles.   In the second article, an Orthodox Jew, writing in June of 2005, pleads with his fellow American Jews to return to the Land as soon as possible, for the fifth year of this cycle is to end with Rosh ha Shanah 2006 CE, and the sixth year of the seventh year cycle to begin.   I include it because I am captivated by the genuine pleading of this Orthodox Jew who realizes that our time before Messiah ben David is short, and he is pouring out his heart.

With the Ruach we call out:  “COME YAHUSHUA, COME!”  

Shalom and love — with excited anticipation,  


February 14, 2006

Revised with additional information: October 2007



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