The River of Zion (Book)


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The River of Zion

Tommy Welchel with Jody Keck

Ignite your prayers with the Fire of Pentecost!
From the Upper Room in Jerusalem to this very hour, the rushing river of the Holy Spirit has been flowing since Pentecost. Today, Heaven is waiting on a bold, courageous host of believers to carry the banner of revival.

Author Tommy Welchel is the last living connection to the saints of the Azusa Street revival. In The River of Zion, this spiritual general traces the Holy Spirit’s movement from Pentecost to Azusa, and beyond, empowering you to join your prayers to God’s ongoing work — for miraculous results!

In The River of Zion, Welchel reveals:

  • The prophetic connection between Israel, the Azusa Street Revival, and our present moment in history.
  • Never-before-shared testimonies of signs and wonders from the Azusa Street Revival that will provoke you to believe for extraordinary miracles today.
  • Amazing stories of inspiring miracles, Holy Spirit encounters, and divine connections in Israel, affirming God’s prophetic purpose for this chosen nation.
  • Signposts of supernatural times and seasons from different prophecies and Holy Spirit encounters, alerting us to the coming greater-glory outpouring.

224-page Paperback

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