The Prince And The Prophet (Book)



The Prince And The Prophet

Claude Duvernoy

Within the history of nations, we often sense that there are hidden divinely-ordained directions. A History which God conducts…. This land [Israel] and this people, forever inseparable, are at the very heart of this politics of God.” Claude Duvernoy, The Prince and the Prophet Comments by Dr. Billye Brim: “After a time of much evidence to the contrary, what I deemed as persecution, Shulamith Katznelson, founder and head of Ulpan Akiva in Israel called me out of class to her office. She said, “You’re not going to class today.” I thought I was going to be expelled. But she said, “You’re going with me to the Knesset. Didn’t you know that every Jew who had a significant part in the rebirth of Israel had a dedicated Christian called alongside to help. In the nighttime something told me you are going to help me.” “At the time, I was not aware of this working of God. I am now. The most powerful occurrence I know of is in the lives of Theodore Herzl (The Prince), the father of modern Zionism leading to the founding of the state of Israel and Reverend Hechler (the Prophet). God still reveals His plan to the true superpowers today. Blessing now, as then, lies in working with God’s will as revealed in His Word. Trouble comes when His will is ignored. World Wars I and II could have been averted if the heads of state had embraced it. The prophecy fulfilling story of Herzl and Hechler is astounding!

196-page Softcover

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