The Megillah: The Book of Esther (Book)



The Megillah: The Book of Esther

The ArtScroll Tanach Series

February 2019 | The Prophetic Witness “Bundle”

In the Megillah, God’s Name does not appear, but when all was done, His presence was recognized everywhere. Every piece fit; His jigsaw puzzle was perfect.

Because He does not appear in the Megillah, He is there more meaningfully than in any other sacred Book. No, He is not concealed; He only seems to be. It is for us to find Him in every event of our lives. The Megilla’s Esther shows us how, if we but read its directions.

ArtScroll Tanach Series. A New Translation with commentary anthologized from Talmudic, Midrashic, and Rabbinic sources.

158-page Hardcover

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