Pilgrims and Patriots (Book)



Pilgrims and Patriots: The Radical Christian Roots of American Democracy and Freedom

Eddie L. Hyatt

Dr. Eddie Hyatt s latest book tells the forgotten story of the radical Christians who laid the intellectual and moral foundations of the American republic. He shows clearly that they were not from the established churches of Europe. Instead, they were Radical Reformers who sought a return to the Christianity of the New Testament, and who envisioned a nation founded on faith and freedom. Hyatt shows the vital role of prayer in the founding of the nation, demonstrated by the numerous calls for prayer issued by the Continental Congress and by the daily prayers of the Revolutionary Army. He also shows the impact of the Great Awakening on the founding of the nation. In short, Hyatt shows that it was devout Christians, those whom the ACLU and other modern, liberal groups would like to silence, who were, in fact, the most influential in bringing forth the United States of America.

188-page Paperback

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