Women and God’s Plan Package



Women and God’s Plan Package

October 2021 | The Prophetic Witness “Bundle”

This special offer includes the following.

  • Paul, Women and Church

    by Dr. Eddie Hyatt

    No one has been more maligned and misunderstood than Paul in regards to his views about women. In his latest book, Dr. Eddie Hyatt shows that Paul treated women with respect and he highlights the numerous positive relationships Paul had with women as friends, coworkers and even a spiritual mother. Hyatt also provides a hermeneutical approach to the difficult passages in Paul that demonstrate that Paul did not in any way restrict or limit the role of women in the church or home.

    110-page Paperback

  • 10 Things Jesus Taught About Women

    by Dr. Susan Hyatt

    When understood against the background of the restricted role of women in 1st-century Jewish culture, Jesus was truly revolutionary in how He related to women. In this small book, Dr. Susan Hyatt delineates 10 things Jesus taught about women that were revolutionary in His day and are revolutionary for the Church today.

    41-page Paperback

  • In The Spirit We’re Equal

    by Dr. Susan Hyatt

    The Spirit, The Bible, and Woman A Revival Perspective:
    This book is especially for men and women who embrace a Pentecostal, Charismatic, Revival, or Renewal Christian experience, but I trust that those of other persuasions will also find it helpful, It is not designed as an argument for biblical equality. It is instead, an affirmation for men and women for whom this biblical truth is already a living reality. Traditionally, this truth has been denied by the institutional Church, but it is the position that 540 million and growing, Spirit-oriented believers should joyfully embrace because it is taught in Scripture and ratified by the activity of the Holy Spirit in revival history. Heartfelt endorsement of this good news is bound, not only to bring healing but also to widen and deepen the mighty River of God flowing in the world today.

    290-page Paperback



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