Voice and Leading Package



Voice and Leading Package

February 2019 |  The Prophetic Witness “Bundle”

Grace Ryerson Roos

This special offer includes the following by Grace Ryerson Roos.

  • The Voice and Leading of God
    • 30-page Softcover Mini-book
      Grace Roos takes the fear out of hearing the voice of the Lord and following His leading. Through scriptural study and personal experiences, she assures us that God is eager to speak to us and eager for us to hear and follow.
  • Spiritual Warfare
    • 26-page Softcover Mini-book
    • Paul declared that he had “fought the good fight” (2 Timothy 4:7). In Spiritual Warfare, Grace Roos challenges us to do the same. The insights she shares from a lifetime of “fighting the fight” include:
      • Merely putting on a uniform does not make one a soldier. Engaging in the heat of the battle does.
      • We do not defeat Satan; Jesus did that!
      • Satan has no answer to the blood of Jesus.
  • On Eagle’s Wings
    • 105-page Softcover Book
      Grace Roos served faithfully in the ministry beside her husband, Carl, through depression years and war years, bearing eleven children along the way. Her life is an inspiration and example of faith, strength, and courage, but perhaps most of all, serves as a tremendous testimony of the overcoming power of prayer. Grace Roos lived her faith. On Eagle’s Wings is the dramatic account of her trust in God for healing—for her family as well as for herself—throughout her married life.




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