The New Year Package



The New Year Package

December 2022 | The Prophetic Witness “Bundle”

This special offer includes the following.

  • Faith Food Devotions

    Kenneth E. Hagin

    God’s Word is food for the hungry spirit. That’s why Proverbs 4:21 instructs us to keep God’s words in the midst of our heart and to give Him first place every day of our lives.

    Faith Food will help you satisfy your hunger for God’s bread of life. This bite-size devotional is Kenneth E. Hagin’s own blend of inspiring morsels that will empower your life daily as you dine on God’s Word.

    Power-packed studies for daily living include:

    • Covenant Blessing
    • Led by the Spirit
    • Zoe (Life)
    • Giving Thanks Well
    • The Prodigal
    • Heart vs. Head
    • Taking Your Place
    • Fruit of the Mouth

    Feeding your faith with this nourishing collection from one of the Church’s most seasoned leaders — every day of the year!

  • God’s Path to Mental Health

    In God’s Path to Mental Health—Rick Renner, Eddie Turner, Kylie Oaks Gatewood, and Germaine Copeland—team up to deliver scriptural and supernatural help such as:

    • How you can win on the mind battlefield
    • What to do when the devil “trash talks” you
    • Dressing yourself in impenetrable armor
    • Wielding your supernatural weaponry
    • Scriptures that shut up the devil

    These four authors have each been through the trenches when it comes to obsessive thoughts and depression, and they’ve practiced what they preach to defeat mental torment and find God’s pathway to mental health. Now it’s your turn! Let them help you take back your life and walk peacefully and free!


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