The Holy Spirit Gifts Package

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The Holy Spirit Gifts Package

March 2021 |  The Prophetic Witness “Bundle”

This special offer includes the following.

  • He Gave Gifts Unto Men (book) by Kenneth Hagin Sr. ($12)
    • 276-page Softcover
    • The offices of apostle and the prophet have recently come under much scrutiny and questioning among believers. Some claim that these offices are no longer in existence in our day. What does the Word of God say? This book answers these timely questions: Does the apostle rule over all the other ministry gifts, including the pastor? Should the prophet lead the local church? Who is in authority in the local assembly? and What is a new testament prophet?
  • The Holy Spirit and His Gifts Study Course (book) by Kenneth Hagin Sr. ($12)
    • 161-page Softcover

The Holy Spirit and His Gifts course provides you with an in-depth study on the Spirit and the gifts He bestows on believers to carry out the work of the ministry. The Apostle Paul said, “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant ” (1 Cor. 12:1). As you learn about the ministry of the Holy Spirit, you can become a more effective witness for the Lord Jesus Christ! This course is ideal for individual or group study.Topics covered include:

  • The Holy Spirit in the Denominational Church
  • Two Separate Experiences
  • The Holy Spirit Within
  • The Holy Spirit Upon
  • How Important Is Speaking in Tongues
  • The Bible Evidence of Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  • 10 Reasons Every Believer Should Speak in Tongues
  • Seven Steps to Receiving the Holy Spirit
  • The Gift of the Word of Knowledge
  • The Gift of the Word of Wisdom
  • The Gift of the Discerning of Spirits

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