The Christmas Package

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The Christmas Package

December 2018 |  The Prophetic Witness “Bundle”

This special offer includes Faith Food Devotions by Kenneth E. Hagin and The Mystery of Christmas Unwrapped (DVD) featuring Dr. Billye Brim and Shelli Brim.

Faith Food Devotions

Kenneth E. Hagin

God’s Word is food for the hungry spirit. That’s why Proverbs 4:21 instructs us to keep God’s

words in the midst of our heart and to give Him first place every day of our lives.

Faith Food will help you satisfy your hunger for God’s bread of life. This bite-size devotional is

Kenneth E. Hagin’s own blend of inspiring morsels that will empower your life daily as you dine on God’s Word.

Power-packed studies for daily living include:

  • Covenant Blessing
  • Led by the Spirit
  • Zoe (Life)
  • Giving Thanks Well
  • The Prodigal
  • Heart vs. Head
  • Taking Your Place
  • Fruit of the Mouth

Feeding your faith with this nourishing collection from one of the Church’s most seasoned

leaders — every day of the year!

Hard Cover


“The Mystery of Christmas Unwrapped”

Dr. Billye Brim & Shelli Brim


With Bibles open, Dr. Billy and her daughter, Shelli, explore questions surrounding the way we

celebrate Chrismas—

  • What is the importance of December 25 in the story of the coming of Christ?
  • How does the Feast of Tabernacles figure into the timing of the birth of Christ?
  • When did the Magi actually find Christ?
  • When the Magi saw the star, how did they know to look for a newborn king in Israel?
  • What was the significance of the gifts the Magi brought?

As a bonus, Dr. Billye and Shelli shed light on why many in Christendom gather on Sunday to worship.



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