Secrets of Praying Heaven & Earth Together (Book)


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Secrets of Praying Heaven & Earth Together

You may know it is God’s will to answer your prayers, yet often your prayers have gone unanswered. Have you ever wondered the secrets of effective prayer? This small but mighty book is your opportunity to learn those truths from someone who, as one minister put it, could pray heaven and earth together.

Throughout this book, Penny Riddle shares important lessons gleaned from her praying grandmother, Mrs. Sylvia Patterson. She chronicles not only the many answers to Sylvia’s prayers, but the prayer practices that brought her such success. These practices are part of a legacy that continues to bless Penny and her family. Now Penny wants to share these secrets with you.

Be inspired by the biblical wisdom of Sylvia Patterson, a woman whose practical yet profound prayers yielded incredible results even in the midst of difficult circumstances. And be encouraged because you can get the same kind of results by embracing these Secrets of Praying Heaven and Earth Together.

80-page Softcover


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