In Heaven Package



In Heaven Package

This special offer includes the following:

In Heaven! Experiencing the Throne of God

The Testimony of Dean Braxton

Dean Braxton died from a simple medical procedure gone wrong, that caused infection in his body stopping his heart for 1 hour and 45 minutes. He went to Heaven and returned to earth writing his complete account. You will learn:

  • How Prayer Operates from Earth to Heaven.
  • How Jesus Strategizes from Heaven to Earth.
  • The Importance of Family to The Father.
  • How Not to Limit God; You will be Surprised Who You Will See in Heaven.
  • And Many other Nuggets of Truth That will Help you in Your Spiritual Growth.

256-page Paperback

Deep Worship in Heaven

Learn How To Experience Worship At God’s Throne in Your Everyday Life

by Dean Braxton

While in Heaven Dean Braxton was shown amazing insight about worship that will transform your life . Some highlights include:

  • How Each of us Were Created to Bring Our Unique Voice in Love to God Our Father.
  • A Vivid Account of the Flowers’ Dance with Before The Father.
  • The Redeemed Ones Worship Before The Father.
  • And So Much More!

172-page Paperback


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