Chesed Package



Chesed Package

September 2019 | Partner Letter / “Chesed Package

This special offer includes Hesed in the Bible (Book) by Nelson Glueck and Chesed (CD) by Dr. Billye Brim.

Hesed in the Bible

Nelson Glueck

Professor Nelson Glueck’s pioneer study of hesed and its meaning in the Bible has long been a basic source for biblical scholarship and theology. When the work first appeared as a published doctoral dissertation in 1927, titled Das Wort hesed im altentestamentlichen Sprachgerrauche als menschliche und gottliche gemeinschaftgemasse Verhaltunsweise, it was a methodological landmark study of the history of the ideas of the Bible.

118-page Paperback



Dr. Billye Brim

Chesed (Hesed) a covenant word meaning “God’s obligatory loyal love”. Dr. Billye Brim further expounds on this fascinating Hebrew word in a teaching CD that she learned from a treasured old book that is now republished—Hesed in the Bible. Studying Chesed will strengthen your fellowship with your Heavenly Father as well as give you an overall view of the covenant scriptures in fresh light!




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