Authority of the Believer Package (Blog Special)



Authority of the Believer Package

Blog Special | May 29, 2020 Minneapolis-St Paul Area And “The Soul of This Nation”

This special offer includes Authority of the Believer and How to Use It (Mini Book) by Dr. Billye Brim, Authority of the Believer (Book) by John A. MacMillan and The Believer’s Authority (Book) by Kenneth Hagin Sr.

Authority of the Believer and How to Use It

Dr. Billye Brim

Is the devil “playing high carnival” in your life? Don’t get mad at God, Jesus delegated His authority to you!

Dr. Billye Brim teaches and demonstrates:

  • Your ministry in the heavenlies that is “far above” the devil’s kingdom.
  • How to daily take your seat of authority over darkness that will change your life forever.

Mini Book


The Authority of the Believer

John A. MacMillan

“There are few subjects relating to the Christian Life [with] so little exact knowledge as that of the authority of the believer,” says author John A. MacMillan. “This is not because such authority is the property only of a few elect souls. On the contrary, it is the possession of every true child of God.” “However,” he continues, “it must be noted that few believers realize the potential impact of that power, and fewer still are willing to acknowledge their position in the heavenlies and assume the privileges and responsibilities it involves.” Drawing on the concept of authority from Ephesians, MacMillan shows how such authority can be used to confront demonic intrusions both personal and corporate, and to facilitate the extension of God’s kingdom both local and global.

174-page Paperback


The Believer’s Authority

Kenneth Hagin Sr.

Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin asked himself this question when he was a young preacher. “I had had little glimpses of spiritual authority once in a while,” he writes in The Believer’s Authority. “Like others I had stumbled upon it and had exercised it without knowing what I was doing.

“As a result of my studies, I concluded that we as a Church have authority on the earth that we’ve never yet realized.

“A few of us have barely gotten to the edge of that authority, but before Jesus comes again, there’s going to be a whole company of believers who will rise up and with the authority that is theirs…they will do the work that God intended they should do.”

In this book your will discover:

  • The prayers of Paul.
  • What authority is.
  • How to break the power of the devil.
  • The weapons of our warfare.
  • How to exercise authority.


70-page Softcover


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