Death of Saints

Prophecy by Kenneth E. Hagin on April 08, 1982

The Word of the Lord came unto me further saying:
“There be some that sit here, even now, that if it was told thee concerning thy ministry in the future and that which will come to pass this year, and the next year and in the following time, yea, if you could look even now and see it, it’ll be most difficult for you to accept it or even to believe it. But as you go into it, step by step — for you’ll not plunge into the fullness of it immediately — but as you go into it, step by step and are faithful to follow closely, give Me,” saith the Lord of hosts, “all the glory. Then eventually you will come into that full-orbed ministry

“And there are those who sit here now, that others who even sit here now will look upon them and say, ‘Is that the same person? Could that be possible?’ Some will say, ‘Oh, no! No! That couldn’t be the Lord. I don’t know what’s happening here! I know something supernatural is happening. But that couldn’t be the Lord. Because I knew them when!’ But, oh,” saith the Lord of hosts, “That which is before you, go forth into it with expectation, and I’ll cause thee to stand. And besides that,” saith the Lord, “Who are you that judgest another man’s servant?” saith the Lord. “Or are they My servants? Yea,” saith the Lord of hosts, “They are My servants and I AM able to make them stand. And I will cause them to stand. And I will cause them to become fruitful because they have chosen to follow carefully My plan, and obey sincerely My call and develop in them integrity and faithfulness and truth.

“And so My power shall rest heavily, heavily. Declare the heavenly message and blessing. And many shall be blessed. No! Do not pass judgment upon My servants. Very often, when folks have missed it, some have said, ‘Oh well, I didn’t have much faith in them anyway.’ But wait a while,” saith the Lord, “They can profit from their mistake. And remember that a righteous man falleth seven times, but he riseth again. And they can rise up! And become more noble than you. So judge not thy fellow servant. And some have judged those who have departed this life and said, ‘Oh, if they had had faith, they wouldn’t have died.’ Oh yeah! Yeah! Uh huh! Uh huh! But, yea,” saith the Lord, “What business is it of yours if I call one of Mine home? Yea, doest thou now know? Hath it not dawned upon thee, hast thou not read the Holy Book? Doest thou not know that in this realm where I live,” saith the Lord, “that I am preparing many for future work. For you see, the kingdom of God is coming down from heaven upon the earth one day. And I’ve declared, I’d say to one, ‘You’ve been faithful over a few things; I’ll make you faithful over five cities. And another, over ten cities.’ So why would you judge if I would call one and begin preparation? Do you think that all preparation is IN THIS LIFE? Do you think that you will know all and learn all in this life? Have you not read, yea, it has been given unto thee that even that man of God that stood head and shoulders above all the rest when it came to revelation, when it came to knowledge, said, ‘We look through a glass darkly, or in a riddle, but then face to face. Now we know in part, but then we’ll know even also as we are known.’ Let Me let you in on a few secrets,” saith the Lord. “There are some that are chosen vessels unto Me. And I purposely have called them ahead of time to begin preparations for eternity that their training may become even before yours. For out yonder, out yonder, not many days hence, yea, it shall be known before devils, demons and men. The great plan of the ages that’ll unfold. So who art thou that criticizes another man’s servant? Leave your brother and your sister into My hands, saith the Lord. And say, ‘The Lord doeth well, the Lord doeth well. And the plan and purposes of God are eternal. And they shall come to pass.’ And if thou doest thus, then thou doest well,” saith the Lord. “And thou will have much cause for rejoicing. For many things will take a change, a turn. And many things shall change, even in this year. Those changes, and those things that are coming, will be primarily up to you; and your decision; and what you choose. Those that choose to walk closely, to walk softly, to do the will of God, to proclaim His Word, to stand, to speak for God — their vision shall be enlarged. Their ministry shall be greatly illumined and anointed. And it shall be widespread. Those who choose rather to walk in their own way and make their own choices for the natural shall deteriorate and shall be cast aside upon the spiritual junk heap. But you shall have no cause, no cause! No cause to turn back or to look back. You shall have no cause not to succeed. You shall have no cause. Neither will you be able to lay the fault at other’s feet. For you’ve heard, and you’re responsible for what you know. And you know something about the move of the Spirit and about the unction of the anointing. And you’re responsible to nurture that anointing, and to walk in the light of it. The responsibility lies at your door and stands at your feet. What you do from this night forward is up to you. Yea, even as of old, ye have read where I said,” saith the Lord, “‘Choose you this day whom you will serve.’ So choose you this day the path that you will take. And you’ll find that the year will grow brighter and brighter. That ministry shall be enlarged and enlarged and enlarged and you’ll find that no people in the world come up short when it comes to finances. And are constantly worried about inflation, and you’ll look ‘round about and say, ‘What inflation? What shortage?’ Oh! Oh! There’s plenty in the house of God! For you’ll not come up short in finances. You’ll not have to beg because I’ll meet all of your needs,” saith the Lord. “No, that does not mean that the enemy would not throw roadblocks in your way. But that means that even when it looks like there is a shortage, that you’ll laugh in the face of the enemy and say, ‘I’ve already heard from heaven,’ and walk right on through. Hallelujah! And you’ll not only have enough for yourselves, but you’ll be able to give and help others. Hallelujah!”